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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
What cute kitty tongues

Here are a few of Abby

"Yes, I can touch the tip of my nose, can you?"
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These are all just way to cute for words....I love kitties. The pointed face when they are yawing is just too cute....made me yawn....ha ha ha
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Oh what cute pictures.
Here's Sadie
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Here's Frankie... if I talkto her when she's grooming she'll often look up w/ he tongue still out but I don't usually have the camera when it happens.

And Wickett cleaning up after dinner...
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
"Yes, I can touch the tip of my nose, can you?"
I try but I can´t!... ............ ...

Great pic´s to everyone!!!! ...absolutely brilliants from all!! thank you for your contributions at this thread!!!

Milky´s grain of sand!....

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I always take pictures of cat toungs to. they are so cute.
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Here's one I just snapped of Saki and his nip stick from catnapt

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Originally Posted by 4BadCats View Post
Pretty much my favourite picture of Melchett

I love the neat markings on his legs too - he is almost symmetrical!!
He is very handsome! I had to laugh at the comment about his legs, because it reminded me of a funny thing. I was standing in the kitchen, observing our cat Junior, and I said out loud to DH, "his legs are symmetrical, how cool!". DH looked at me like I was nuts, because he was thinking I meant physically symmetrical (as in the same length, etc), not thinking that I was referring to his stripes.

Anyway, I have a few to add

Pixel in the drawer

Pixel taking a shower in the sink

Pumpkin says to Leopold, "go ahead, make my day"

Precious and Leopold, getting stoned on catnip

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What a great thread! I will have to look for tongue pictures!
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Frankie licks his lips in anticipation of the toy mousey...can you spot Rishi?

Catching Rishi mid-lick during his cleaning ritual...

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Great pictures! once i get my bday pressie tomorrow i can take more pics

baby tongue

i interfered with those ones lol. with my new cam ill be able to lure them with vegemite or chicken and their tongues will come out by themselves!! mwuaha :P
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This is the only one I have uploaded right now, but Iris fell asleep with her tongue sticking out! Click the pic for a larger image.

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All the pretty little tongues...

First my ever-special little Bun...

and little Miss Petal Tongue, though it's hardly a petal in this shot ...

These are more like petals...

And after fishing through almost 500 images, I couldn't find a one that really showed Miss Fawn's pretty little tongue -- a couple where I can recognize it, because I know she was in mid wash, but even so it's a stretch. But she's enough of a ham, I don't worry about her not being represented.
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Not the greatest picture, but here's Pepper's little tiny tongue!

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excuse the mess. it wwas Christmas :P

just found this one!

yummy ear =D

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Nermal doing a silly pose, which he is famous for!

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Here's Spyder with his tasty toy!

and one more...


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Nermal bathing[IMG][/IMG]
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