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A little background first....

I've posted on here a few times about my 8 year old Snowshoe, Vinny, and his problem sporadically pooping on our bathroom carpets. After a routine trip to the vet a few weeks ago with my other cat, Sherman, I asked the vet about the problem and if he recommended I bring him in right away, or if I could wait and bring him just for his shots later in the month. He felt that because it was sporadic, and when we closed the bathroom doors Vinny used the litter box, that it was a behavioral problem rather than a medical problem. Especially because it began a few weeks after Sherman came to us, and because Sherman is the more dominant cat (he thought that Vinny might be tormented while in the boxes). So, his suggestion was Feliway. And changing the litter, because of a recurring infection Vinny gets in his claws -- the Tidy Cat was getting stuck, so our vet recommended the Target brand because it was softer.

Well, so far so good...we've had no problems since the changes -- it's been about 10 days. My question is -- Feliway is expensive, so how long should I use it before I stop having to buy it? I just have the spray as opposed to the diffuser, but either way it's pricey. Is this something I need to use ALL THE TIME from now on, or just for a few months until he gets in the "habit" of using the boxes again?