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Pee perplexity

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Hello, I am new to this site and I need some input regarding a pee problem. I have a male 6 yr old Abbey cross. He has been until this week a GOOD CAT. This week he has started to pee himself while sleeping. If he is sitting on a chair he will piss in his sleep, on the bed.. etc. When awake he uses his litter box. The box is cleaned every day and nothing in the house has changed. The neighbourhood male bully has started to spray the back garden and windows but this is not new. This seems to happen every spring. The visit to the vet showed a slight infection in the Kidneys and he is currently taking antibiotics. We did notice a "small chunck" of fur missing from the top of his head. This is also a spring thing. It seems that each spring the cats that have spent the winters in doors have to re-establish their positions. The fighting then ends. He lost a rear claw this week. We have to assume that the missing claw and the chunk on his head means Spring has Sprung and he has asserted himself. I must add that he is mostly an indoor cat, but when out, is rarely out for long. Any help regarding this pee when sleeping thing will be appreciated.
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Well, from what you say it sounds like an infection or an allergy causing the disruption. If the kidneys are infected then it needs to be looked into and possibly put on a special diet. If your vet is not giving you answers or trying to get to the bottom of it, you may want to switch vets. Things like this can be treated and everything goes back to normal.
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Involuntary urination sure sounds like a urinal tract problem. I know that in humans a kidney infection is a complication of urinal tract infection. I hope the antibiotics sort this out.

Is he neutered? Strange that he should start fighting with other cats because it's spring time.
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