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Fostering again!

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Yay! Our Humane Society has cleared us for fostering again (for those of you that don't remember, our first litter of kittens ended up having Parvo and had to be put down, and we were put on quarantine for 6 months-1yr). We're going to go to an orientation to better prepare for the pregnant queens that will start flooding in in the next month or so! We're so excited to get babies back and to be mini-jungle gyms (check out the picture of my FI being a jungle gym for that first litter). Though our 2 cats already seem displeased with the idea, as they hissed and ran when they smelled our HS clothes. But since we showered and washed those clothes they haven't left our sides (as if to say, "see? aren't we enough?"). hehe

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Those kitties were so beautiful! What a shame that they had to be put down

I hope it goes well with the next bunch and I look forward to pictures!
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