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What is one thing you want to know about your cat?

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I am actually new to this forum.

I am in the process of creating an e-book for catlovers like you guys. This will be like a 15-20 page report on cats. It will pretty much address things that aren't understood about cats, and also some other things. I'm actually stuck in the middle of it. But I need your help, guys. I would like to know what is the # 1 thing that concerns you about your cat.
You can simply go here to enter that information and I'll give you the report for free when I am done with it:

Let me know what your concern is and I will try my best to address it in this e-book. I am hoping this book can serve as a resource guide for alot of new cat owners. Will be looking forward to any suggestions you guys have to offer. Thanks!


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What those little stinkers are REALLY thinking when they give me those evil looks It's probably not PG-13 eithor

I just don't think Isabella's thoughts are "friendly" in this picture
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I just want to know what they really see what they talk and play with their invisible friends
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Great question!!!

I want to know why Stumpy tears around the house and leaps up the walls as high as she can. I also want to know why she feels the need to chew electrical cables all the time.

I'd love to know why Lily's so scared of us when we're downstairs, but smothers me in love when she's on the bed with me.

And I'd love to know if Smudge understands why we put ointment in her eye and that it's necessary - does she understand it's for her own good?

Good luck with the book!
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Zoey ... what were her first months of life like...

Kandie Why do you talk so much
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Willie, how did he get lost when he did???

Midnight, whys he so wild and likes to jump on the wall and bully everyone

Bella, why did someone throw her out, also why does she just like to sleep all the time She can be playful but she rather eat and sleep

Stormie, Why does she have to be so talkative, and why is she not so cuddely?? Also why is she so afraid to go downstairs, although she is warming up to it now! Also why does she gotta bully everyone except for Bella

Blue- Whys Blue gotta jump on everything

Tessa- why does she think her tail is a play toy??
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Why do they insist on doing what they know they aren't allowed to do? (Digging in the fish bowl, eating our food off the table, sharpening their claws on the back of the couch, eating shoelaces, etc. etc.)
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Why do they still wince when our hand comes near them even though we've had them for 11 years now? What did they go through before ending up at that crazy cat-lady's house we got them from?
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I'd want to know what was going on in Leo's life before he came to me. Did he have a home? Was he born on the street? He clearly wasn't well-socialized as a kitten as he smacks anyone who tries to touch him.

I'd want to know how Raph came to have the gash that caused him to be admitted to my rescue. Why does he talk so much? Why does he randomly attack the other cats and why does he get aggressive when I'm eating and only when I'm eating?

With Gracie, I'd want to know her history. She made it through Katrina...where did her original owners get her? Why was she spayed so late? Did she ever have kittens? In terms of behavior, she's not "soc-y" like the boys. She's actually perfectly well-behaved!
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I would want to know why Trout hisses at me...I know she loves me, so why the hissing?
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I want to know if the lady who "found" Miagi in her basement if Miagi was really hers and she didn't want him anymore. I can't see why not. he's a great cat as is Tiger.

I want to know why anyone would dump Tiger and another cat on the highway left to fend for themselves. I am just so glad these nice people took him and the other cat in and gave Tiger to us. I am sure the other cat had no problem finding a home. I also want to know why Tiger has to crawl on me every morning to wake me up.
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What they are really think just about all the time. And do they know the difference of when I talk in a nice voice but say mean things to see if they have the same reaction as when I say nice things like (in a cheery high pitched voice) "Phenom you are the dumbest cat in the world. Yes you are" She just looks at me the same all the time (unless she is glaring at me for bringing Phantom back)
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
do they know the difference of when I talk in a nice voice but say mean things to see if they have the same reaction as when I say nice things like (in a cheery high pitched voice) "Phenom you are the dumbest cat in the world. Yes you are"
I totaly agree with this!!!!!! Exactly the same with Melchett "Who's the smelliest old cat? You are.........yes you are............" and he rubs round my anlkes in delight!!!!!

I want to know where Ben goes to get the 'extra' food he seems to be consuming....................
....................I want to ask Max if he is missing Paddy, and to tell him it will all be alright one day soon..................
........I want to ask Melchett if he really hates the kittens as much as he seems to!!!
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I want to know where Sibohan came from She was a rescue cat and was found in bad shape I always wonderd if she had a family before me.

Duke I would want to know why he insists on siting on my chest when i'm reading my book befor bed... it's quite strange
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Hey guys,

Great questions. I especially like your's Arlyn. Heck, if only cats can talk, I think we will know the answer to that question. But I will be updating you guys on this book when it's ready. I'll try to get all these questions answered. Thanks again for your help.

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I'd like to know where Lexi came from and if she was a housecat permanently outside or if she was a stray to begin with. She just appeared one day out of nowhere and we started to feed her because she was so skinny you could see her bones. She started coming more and more. She was the friendliest, sweetest girl. So well behaved and would come when you'd call her.
I want to know if someone owned her. If so, why did they neglect her and mistreat her? Why did they never take her to the vet? And it still makes me mad that no one bothered to check her oozing neck out! She had cactus spines in there!!! Lord knows how LONG they were in there...
I want to know WHY she keeps trying to get out of the house and run away from me when I have taken her in and given her a loving home????? I know she loves it here...she is so spoiled and runs after me.
I also want to know what they think. Can they really understand what we feel and what they think of us. I would really like to know why she is still so sweet and trusting even though she was treated so badly???
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