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Hugs needed - sad folks!

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Bug hugs needed here - me and DH have cried ourselves silly over my darling Paddy boy - I am still shocked, but at least I have hubby and friends to talk though with.

The old guy - Melchett, has never been a social animal, and remembers the days pre kittens, when he owned us and the house, and all was peaceful!

Ben is sweet and friendly, but not madly keen on other cat company - he is getting on with life as always.

I am bother about out little Max though - Paddy was his brother, best friend and sparring partner - they were always in trouble together, Maxy came out with me trawling through the streets last night looking for Paddy, and I had to take him home and shut him away before resuming my search.

He has spent the majority of today trotting from corner to corner mewing - looking for his brother and I feel like my heart might break.

Send Max your hugs............he is finding it hard - I think we will all be spending the night snuggled up together in the big bed

Max (left-) and RB Paddy (right)

When does this start getting easier!?!?!?
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So sorry, it will be tough, hang in.
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Awww....poor Max! It never gets easier...Max just lost the "love of his life". He's lost without Paddy. All you can do is share your grief with him...
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I'm so sorry. Paddy was a little doll.

Hang in there, and pop in when you need to's so hard to lose our lovies.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Paddy, he's such a beautiful boy. It's an incredibly hard thing to go through, losing a kitty

Just make sure you cry all you need to, and give your other kitties lots of hugs - that really helps.

Max will be confused for a while - he doesn't understand where his buddy is gone. Give him lots of love, and he'll eventually deal with it
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so difficult to come to terms with the loss of a beloved pet, they are so much a part of your family. If Max will sit and be cuddled, take him in your arms and explain to him what has happened and that Paddy is gone. Even if he doesn't understand every word you say, he will understand the tone and intention, he will hear the sadness in your voice. I think there is a fair chance that he will understand at least some of what has occurred.

Give him loads of love and attention, he doesn't fully understand why his friend is gone and he needs your support. Animals grieve and are very sensitive to change.

I remember when my budgie Titus died and the other budgie Maximus was disraught. Then when Maximus died the parrot Jasper, even tho he was jealous about the fact I paid attention to the budgies when as far as he was concerned all my attention belonged to him(!), Jasper sat as close as he could to Maximus when he was injured and grieved when he was gone.

You are all going through a very hard time and I feel for you
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Aw, I can't imagine how awful it must be. Poor Max, and poor you and your DH to you all and scritches for Max.
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I'm so sorry for all of you! I know the grief all too well!
My Rainbow kitty Beamer looked for my dog for about a month after she crossed. It broke my heart!
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I'm so, so sorry...its so hard. Sending lots of love and hugs for you and yours...

Hilda >^..^<
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My heart, thoughts, and vibes go out to you both
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My cats have gone through this too, it takes time, Max needs extra love, eventually he will feel better poor baby. I'm so sorry about your sweet Paddy.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
My cats have gone through this too, it takes time, Max needs extra love, eventually he will feel better poor baby. I'm so sorry about your sweet Paddy.
that is the best advice anyone can give.
play and talk more wth him.

take care
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Tons and tons of hugs coming out to you all...........
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to you ALL!! Just hang in there hun. It will take time, but i does get easier.

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I and my cats went through this in October when we lost Napoleon. It hit all of us very hard, but Wellington went round for weeks looking for his brother and coming to me with such a question on his face it made me cry every time. It is so hard, and I still get weepy fits when I reach out to the spot on my pillow that he used to occupy and there is no one there. I am so sorry for you and your family over this, and I do hope you find the strength in each other to deal with t he loss of Paddy.
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thinking of you and yours, just as others have said, lots of cuddles & scritches all round - -
my kits send lots of for you all too

Take care - Peace
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I'm so sorry to hear about Paddy. Tons of hugs to Max.
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So sorry to hear about paddy. My thoughts are with you and your kitties
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