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Sweet Sierra primping

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My Mom is a hairdresser, and the salon is built onto my parent's house. When we went for a visit, Sierra decided she would wash her hair.

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Awww look at that sweet baby ... She's a girlie Girl!!!
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That's so cute!!
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Awwww how cute!
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How adorable!

But Sierra - you're gorgeous just the way you are. You don't need to primp any more!
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How sweet is she!?
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What a silly girl!!
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Very cute. My daughters name is Sierra.
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Awww...Sierra wants to get all prettied up early for Valentine's day! We really need to see more of your gorgeous girls, Stephanie!!!
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Looks like she is trying to do push-ups

Nice picture
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Did she get a perm - or just some highlights?
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How adorable
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Awwww. There is the sweet Sierra.
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Our beautiful Sierra is checking our her Grand Mommy's work area to be sure everything is in tip top shape.
Did it pass Sierra?

We love you sweetie pie.
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Awww, Sierra You must have had lots of fun at your Gran's salon Did she give you any tips of the trade?
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Thank you soooo much, you guys, for enjoying my precious love's day at the salon!
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Too precious.
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Well, she deserves a spa day! Sweet girl!
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Thank you! Yes she does, and I'd go for a spa day myself, too!
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What a sweet, silly girl she is
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There's our sweet Sierra!!
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Sierra you are too cute!! Sierra looks heavier in that picture Stephanie, did she put on some weight recently? We definitley need to see some more pictures of your sweet girls!
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Thank you! Sierra's been really enjoying her homemade diet, Lisa! Thank you, also, for desiring to see more of my sweet girlies. We have loads of pictures, it's just a matter of actually getting them downloaded and on here, we'll have to work harder on this
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More Sierra pictures...
and Serenity too Stephanie.
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