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Florence Nightingale (lol)

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I suffer from long term health problems, and thus am unable to work. Ali seems to have achieved 'matron' status amongst my babies and has decided she will look after me. This includes testing my glass of water by drinking a little, sniffing and marking all books and magazines, stealing bits of meals to check nutritional value, sitting on my laptop to 'read' my web activities, licking my eye brows to make sure I look presentable and biting my toes when I have a nap to check my reflexes (they work lol)

Does any one else have a 'nurse; cat?

K xxx
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Ali is such a sweetheart knowing just what her Mum needs! My girlies are absolutely the best caretakers and snuggly-upers anyone could hope for. They've taught me a thing or two about bedside manner.
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You did not mention whether Ali is checking your breath! Alley crawls up on my chest all the time and sticks her nose right up to my mouth and lips and sniffs. This is getting me paranoid to the point that if we have garlic or onions for dinner I immediately rush in and brush my teeth and gargle. My other cat Persi, never does this. Persi is a male and Alley is a female if this has anything to do with anything.
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My kitty Wilde used to be my kitty nurse! After I had surgery, she followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom during the night, and then back to the bed. She stuck to me like velcro. I sure miss my sweet Wilde.

Cheers, from
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Back in my migraine days, Peanut (a past cat) would curl up on my pillow and purr. Purring was the ONLY sound that I could stand, with a migraine.

These days, Buddy spends every night snuggled against my arthritic hip, purring and kneading. I get heat, massage AND vibration in an attractive fur-covered package
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The 4 I have now could care less if I was dying on the floor as long as there meals are on time. Fred was my nurse kitty. At the first sign of feeling bad, he was right there. He would sit on my pillow and watch over me while I slept.
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Topaz is nurse kitty here. She spends most of the time with Mom, even sticking by her side the evening her blood sugar dropped into the 20s. The EMTs didn't scare her a bit.

When I came home from the hospital after my accident, she decided I needed someone to sleep with me. Prior to this, she only cared if I opened the cat food cans on time.
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Not a cat story, but:

My childhood dog Henry used to get the occasional bad cough. When it would start I'd sit down with him and hold him still on my lap until it was over. One winter I came down with a really bad cold and was coughing all the time. When Henry would hear it he'd sit down next to me and put his paws on my lap until I stopped. I like to think he was returning the favour.
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Does mental health count? If I'm upset enough to cry, Bird always comes to see me and keeps me company until I'm better .
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