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Ok I have lost 2 cats to liver failure so I am a bit cautious now. Maggie came monday night..she did poop and pee first night-both normal. I gave her yesterday and didn't touch food so today I have been giving herthe canned juice with a bit of antibiotic mixed in and some kmr made with pedialyite. also getting some nutrical tonigh(local pet store was out). I know shes got a bit of eye gunk in one eye but otherwise ok. her broth is fine(clear eyes and all) The spay is not going to happen tom(its a risk of her being preg but can't send her in with her not eating. and the regular vet wil have to sedate her to even exam her so I would rather not bring her in unless she gets worse. what should I be aiming to force feed her and anything from above list I should take out. I still have a bit of dry in her cage in case she decides to start eating. feel like I am getting a kick in butt for doing this...sigh