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Momofmany, sorry you couldn't see the photos. I tried them when I saw your post but they worked for me. Maybe the server went down for a few hmmm. Later I will find and install Fireworks and make the pics smaller so I can embed them into a post to see if that works better.

I agree about the chemical burn now. The patch of skin has started to form a scab across the top reminiscent of a chemiical burn I've seen women get when they leave a perm on too long. I would still like to have the vet check it out but I'm throwing out the spot on for sure. I did not realize it was such a bad thing for animals and mine don't have fleas for the moment. I'll go with Advantage next time.

Thank you for the replies
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Sorry for the troubles. I didn't mean to hjack Tekgrl's thread.
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NP Mermaid and Tuna. I know that is one of those controversial issues. I have my own set views about it. We all want to do what is right for our lovies.

The bald spot is actually looking better this morning like it is starting to heal. The hair around it has settled and it is now hard to detect. The patch of missing hair seems smaller now and there is no more flowing blood..just the scab in the center.

Welp time to get us ready to go to the vet. I have to take DeeDee cuz I don't think she would like being alone. She cries if Palas and I are in another room together and she can't find us and I think it is calming for Palas too if she is in the carrier with him.
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Originally Posted by tekgrl View Post
Welp time to get us ready to go to the vet. I have to take DeeDee cuz I don't think she would like being alone. She cries if Palas and I are in another room together and she can't find us and I think it is calming for Palas too if she is in the carrier with him.
We take Bijou and Mika both whenever one of them has an appointment. That way when they come home they smell the same as well.
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We just came back from the vet. They were so well behaved! The vet said that he's seen some cats react badly to the spot on treatment but very few. He thinks the spot looks like it might be ringworm so he took a culture and said it take 3-5 days for it to grow so I should call back mid next week. In the meantime, he gave me a few active ingredients he said I should look for and use to clean the wound just in case it is ringworm and clean toys with bleach.

Added comment: I wonder if the bald spot on Palas's cheek, where the rescue said they had to deflea him cuz fleas were setting in it, was actually ringworm now...hmmm
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Glad to hear of the good vet behavior ... uggghhh hope it is not ringworm...
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Thanks Sharky. Me too. Thats never fun to deal with. But I'm thinking it makes sense if Palas had it when I got him. I'm just glad after being together for a month, little DeeDee hasn't shown any signs of it...if that is what it is. We shall see.
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Got thru to the server this time - gorgeous babies!!!

You did say that Palas had been itchy for a while - perhaps it is ringworm after all. I know how contagious it is but I've found that some cats are simply more immune to it than others. My dog picked up ringworm one time and not a single cat got it from him. We were very lucky.
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Well central Indiana was closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to the snow/hail storm that deposited 12-14 inches of snow. So yesterday the vet was open and I called to check on the ringworm culture results. ringworm. They sounded really busy and tried to get off the phone at this point...hmmm. So I asked if they knew what it might be and they put the vet on the phone. He said he didn't know what it was and said he could treat it as an allergic reaction and do a skin scraping and give a shot of cortizone. I wanted to ask why he didn't do a skin scraping before and what it would cost me...but he was very short and said he wouldn't charge the office visit fee.

The spot on Palas itself hasn't improved or gotten worse. When I took him to the vet last friday, it was starting to scab over. The vet pulled a small tuft of hair out of the middle of it for the ringworm culture which removed the scab. Since then it has been bleeding again *sigh* I don't really like this vet (Petsmart Banfield) so I think I will find another one that will talk to me and actually give me options and opinions. The vet didn't even give me anything to treat for cuts and scrapes. All he did was show me the active ingredients on a ringworm medication bottle. But it's not ringworm...

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, experiences with the vet's proposed skin scraping and shot of cortizone?
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I think you're right, probably better find a vet who has more time to answer your questions.

Since the ringworm culture was negative, I guess you can be fairly certain that it was the flea treatment that caused this. If it seems to be healing I would just keep a close eye on it for now. A skin scrape seems unnecesary since you can be pretty sure what caused this...and it's the only spot on his body, right?

I had forgotten about this the other day, but I put some OTC flea treatment on Leopold a loonnnnng time ago, before I knew better . I think it went fine the first time, but the second time, he ended up with a dime sized raw spot on the back of his neck. It *looked* a little like ringworm, or a chemical burn. I can't remember how long it took to heal, but it did....without any further trouble.
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I hope it was the spot on. I haven't used it anymore since this happened. But the weird thing is it hasn't healed or gotten worse I have cleaned the spot a few times with baby wipes.
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