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Wish my new kitty luck.

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I'm taking her back to the vet at noon today because I have noticed blood in her stool. I'm hoping it's from change in diet (had science diet at vet, she ate some purina kitten chow here for a few days because that what Abby likes, and now I've got them both eating science diet.) All seems well so far. She eats good, drinks good, sleeps good. She is kinda peculair in her play though. If it's not a string or I'm not pulling it, she doesn't want anything to do with it. I think that's just personality though.
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Hope your kitten is fine!!

Good Luck!
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Hoping the little one is fine. It's probably nothing too major, but after everything you just went through with Seven it's no wonder you are worried. Positive energy coming your and little girl's way!
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She appears to have a slight intestinal/digestive problem but the vet says it should clear up soon. They believe it has developed because the clinic forgot to send me home with albon for her to take for 21 days and because of the change in diet. I got the albon and some hills i/d food for her. I asked about her voice and he said it wasn't anything to be alarmed about and he also gave me some stuff to put in her eye for allergies. He said she was one of the best kittens he has ever seen.

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:tounge2: Glad to hear shes gonna be okay!

(phssst... name her Holly!)
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