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another dumb question

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how long will a 20 pound bag a anti clumping litter last one adult female fixed cat?she is a big cat
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Depends on how much you put in there and how often she goes. It could last you 2-3 weeks.

I have 4 cats, 2 litter boxes and go through 40 lbs about every 2 weeks. Our cats like it DEEP though.
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its gonna depend on alot of things. how often you change your litter, how much she uses the box. ect.
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oic thank you.she was useing hartz old fashoined stuff in orange bag but i am outa town a lot so i figured i beter go get something better.she was so happy to see me today i was gone 3 days
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I'd say that one should scoop it at least twice/three times a day...and then dump it all out at least once a week? 20 lbs...should last a cat a few weeks...but probably less than a month. Every once-in-a-while, you should add a cup full or two to replace the amount that is lost when clumping to the cat's 'duty'...but it should last you at least two or three weeks.

Fr. Gregg
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We use a 34lb bag every two weeks or so (but we completely empty the boxes every two weeks) with 4 cats and 3 litter boxes (using worlds' best cat littler which is a little longer lasting than regular litters)
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