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Who was the disciplinarian in your house?

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Who did all the discipline in your home growing up? Mom or Dad?
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Dad. It was always: "Wait until your father gets home! "

Then he'd spank me with a hand, or a hairbrush, or as I got older he got creative and used a ping-pong paddle. That one really smarted!

And then of course, there came a time when all he'd have to do is LOOK at me, and I'm be whimpering in the corner with my tail tucked between my legs.

I learned really young who was the boss and what is right from wrong!

Ahhh...the good old days when capital punishment was allowable in the home.
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My mom was a single mom- and oh man....she put the fear of God in me
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I don't have a dad. Mom was incapable of discipline. However her boyfriend normally was all to happy to step up to the plate.

In my home I'm normally the one to enforce the rules. Hubby's right along there getting her in trouble.
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My Mom, although she used the "Wait til your father gets home" line too, but he never did anything my sister and I were still afraid when she said that though
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My mom, definately!
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Mother to the point of abuse. Glad Dad and my grandma were there to look out for me, or I would not be here to make you folks laugh everyday.
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My mom was the first line of discipline. If that didn't work my dad (a 275+ man) would basically put the fear of god in you.

He didn't do it in an abusive way...just if Dad had to step in, you knew you were in trouble.
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Dad! He was a drill sargent in the Army. When he said "Come here YOU" You knew you were in for it. I never got into all that much trouble but my sister did. Seeing her in trouble scared me straight!
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It depends. Mom did minor things, but if you got yelled at by Dad you were in a ton of trouble.
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My father did most of the physical punishment while my mother was more passive aggressive. They both crossed the line verbally way too many times.
I was lucky that I had an uncle and grandmother who cared.
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My mom! Wow, she made us FEAR HER. I think I could actually describe her temper as "a bit much" although she was never absuive and certainly got her point across!

My dad was the one we'd go to to vent
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In my home growing up, it was mostly my mom. My dad was in the Air Force and there times when he was not in the home because he would be overseas or somewheres.

In my house with my children I was the main one, my husband worked offshore, so he would be gone for 7 days at the time. If they messed up when he was gone at work I would take care of it.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
My mom was the first line of discipline. If that didn't work my dad (a 275+ man) would basically put the fear of god in you.
Sounds like my house. Dad did work 2nd shift most of my youth so he was either at work or asleep so Mom did most of the punishment.

There are a couple of holes in our walls from when he had been upset...
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I was a single child raised by a single Mom. I lived with my Grandma and Grandpa and my 2 older male cousins who were 9 and 10 years older than me. I honestly never had to be disciplined because I rarely ever did anything bad. My Mom was and still is my best friend, and I hated when she was mad at me. She only hit me 1 time and I will never forget it, and at that is was just a slap.
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my dad it was very rare for him to discipline, it was more of my mom
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Mom! She was a single parent till I was 12 and then it was still Mom! As much as I love my step-dad, his style of discipling was much more lenient than my mothers. Hence the vast differences between my 4 step siblings and I.
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Mostly my mum but she also threatened us with 'wait until your father gets home' most of the time he just sent us to our room and told us not to bad enough to upset her
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Always has, always is, and always will be my father. I'm still at home so the fact im almost 23 and no longer in diapers doesn't get through his thick skull. I seriousely dislike him (very generous words)
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Neither. It was step-Dad and nothing could have been worse.
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My Dad used to do the shouty screamy thing - it never even touched the surface!!!

However, the moment my beautiful mother turned her bright green eyes to me and said the fateful words 'I am so disappointed in you, Louise............' my world would fall apart..............there was nothing worse!!!

Seems to be the same in our house now.........I am my mothers' daughter!!!!!
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Neither really, I was the baby and got away with everything, besides my parents were busy running a restaurant.
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normally mom but there was always that threat of "OH when your father gets home!!" except dad was the biggest suck he just had a loud scary voice. we always smartened up before dad got home
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Mom, usually, mainly because she was always home and Dad was on the road a lot with work. "Wait until your father gets home" could have meant waiting a few days. That and they both SWORE that they would never do that because they felt it put Dad in an unfair position to have a good relationship with us.

But Dad still scared the heck out of us! He scared almost every person (male or female - friend or boyfriend) that my sister or I ever brought home. He could give "The Dad Look" without even knowing it, and make people who barely knew him feel about 1" tall! My best friend in college got her nose pierced not long before I graduated. It didn't bother her to go home and show HER parents, but she was really scared of what MY dad would say, even though she had only met him a couple times.
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My Dad was. He did not lose his temper as quickly as my Mom, but RUN when he did have enough. He was not abusive but he sure scared us!
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They were divorced when I was 6 months old so since I lived with mom it would be mom... Though she was a lot more hard nosed than dad anyways! So I think she wore the pants in our family while they were married!
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They both were, but mom was the "serious" one, you really didn't want to be in trouble with her. But we rarely got in trouble with her, she wasn't one to nit-pick.
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My mom, absolutely was. My dad has a temper too, but man, she was the hammer. I think part of it was that my dad was often out to sea (he was in the Navy) and for a time we were not living where he was stationed, so my mom was really the primary figure in our lives for a few years. And my dad usually deferred to her ("Go ask your mom.") more often than not.
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My Mom.
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