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Vomiting Cat

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My almost 11 year old cat, Barkley, has been vomiting nearly every day for the last week or so. At first we thought it might be that he was getting into people food (although he's never had much problem with that before!), or that we've added a new food to his usual mix (at ~25% of the whole).

I took him to the vet yesterday, to check out a limp (seems he's strained his knee, too!), and I asked about the vomiting, but the vet seemed unconcerned. He told me to watch out for the usual suspects: new food, people food, string, etc. He also gave Barkley an anti-inflammatory shot for his knee, which he said would be in his system for 3-5 days. Could this be contributing?

We feed him first thing the the morning and at bedtime, and the pattern recently has been that he would vomit in the late afternoon or early evening - usually small amounts, and sometimes it appeared to be just foam or saliva. Although this morning, he bolted his breakfast and it all came back within a few minutes.

Sorry for all the gory detail, but I'm pretty worried. If he were a person, I'd give him gatorade and 7up and crackers for a day or so, but I'm not sure what to feed a sick cat! If anyone has suggestions on food for a sensitive tummy, I'd appreciate it. Is is possible that he just has a little bug, like a human flu?

Thanks for your help!
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what is eating brand and wet or dry or both... has he had a senior panel bloodwork done in the last six months

Baby unflavored pedialyte can work for hydrating... hambuger and rice or chicken and rice are good for icky tummys ... BUT Please call your vet back and ask ...
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Thanks so much for your reply.

- He's always eaten dry food, Cat Chow and Iams Indoor Weight & Hairball control. Although I've read alot today about nutrition choices, and I think I'm going to pick up some higher quality wet food right away!

He had his regular check-up in August, including vaccinations and Feline Leukemia & FIV test, but I've never heard of "senior panel bloodwork." I know he's getting up there, but is 11 "senior"?

Update Thursday, AM:

Yesterday afternoon, I spoke to another vet at the clinic who has seen Barkely, too, and he suggested we treat the recent episodes (of vomiting right after eating) first. (That is very unusual for him.) I didn't give him food until last night, and then it was: a few pieces of chicken & rice food, wait 15-20 minutes, then a few more, wait, and when he was keeping that down, I gave him about 1/8 of a cup at bedtime. So far, so good. This morning he has had the same routine, good results.

So, I suspect yesterday's problem was due to the stress of going into the vet the day before, being sedated and getting a pain relief/anti-inflammatory shot.

However, I wonder if the previous incidents were just the usual suspects - people food, over-hungry, a little hair. Still, after reading on these forums, I am concerned about the quality of the food we've been giving him and at his age, so I will be looking into some more nutritious options. If the first pattern of vomiting resumes, the vet said to bring him in and we'll look at the other possibilities - thyroid, liver, kidneys.

Overall, his behavior & weight have remained normal, so I am hopeful that it is not serious.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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