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Radio question of the day: 02/07/07

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If your elementary school principle were to see you on the street, would he/she remember you? In other words, were you a good kid or a bad kid?
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No, I don't think he would, its been a bit too long!
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Yes! actually, my 4th grade teacher did volunteer at the shelter where I volunteer and adopted a dog from there. I knew who she was right away but I was always a good kid. I never got into fights or anything or detention. I was miss goody two shoes. oh you meant principal sorry. I am not sure if they'd recognize me then.
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Nope, none of my principals would remember me..I was an in betweeny
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In a word YES! Sister Mary would remember me, she and I met on a regular basis.
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Yes, her name was Sr. Frances and My mom has lunch with her once a month!
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My elementary principal was a my Fathers best friend in high school and college and still is ........ but my high school principal wasnt ........ and he will definitely remember me!
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Probably not...I was only ever in his office one time for fighting, and that was it. He might remember my brothers, though.

The Assistant Principal of my high school would remember me as, "John and Lee's good little sister." lol When I went to high school, any teacher that had taught my brothers asked me the same questions, "Are you related to John or Lee?" "Yes, I am." "You're them, are you?" "Nope, I'm definitely better behaved." "*huge sigh of relief*"
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The principal no, but a lot of my teachers remember me! For being a sweet student.
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As a military brat, I rarely stayed in any school, for an entire year and I never had any real interaction with the principals, anyway.
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I don't even remember who any of my pricipals were guess that shows you how good of a kid I was
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
As a military brat, I rarely stayed in any school, for an entire year and I never had any real interaction with the principals, anyway.
I had the same kinda background- my family moved around a lot and I attended about 12-13 different schools. I very much doubt they would remember me, I only have memories of two of them and I'd love to get my hands on one of them- the bullying swine
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My first principal, no, because he died years ago. He was a most extraordinary man and when he'd walk down the halls of the K-1st grade, kids would hold his hands as he walked by.

Next principal - may still be alive, but I'm not sure. He had a permanent gruff look on his face and scared many a kid into staying out of trouble.

High School - was also the dad of a classmate and might remember me. Not sure.

But I was a good child. Better to behave at school than face the parents at home if I had misbehaved.
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No, I was a good student. Besides that, I doubt if he is even alive.
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good kid
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We moved about once a year when I was growing up, so I don't think I was around long enough for any of my elementary school principals to remember me.
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I don't think they would remeber me at all, I was pretty good as a kid, but I did sit in the cornor alot in 2nd grade because I couldn't shut up Go figure
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Yes, he'd remember me. He lives like a mile away from me....we both live outside a small town, his son was in my grade....
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No way would my former principals remember me, I never got in trouble. I was very good at being invisible and majored in Not Getting Caught. I could always sense where trouble was brewing and knew when to walk the other way!

Cheers, from
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no, not my elementary school principal....but maybe jr high..... a boy grabbed my butt about 5 times after I kept warning him to knock it off....the teacher didn't do anything, so I socked him good! And gave him a bloody nose too! They wanted to suspend me from school and my mom threatened to sue them for permitting sexual harassment....I was an honor roll student after all!
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I hope not, I might get an urge to kill him
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I doubt if I would even recognize him let alone him recognize me. I had trouble with talking to much and spent plenty of time sitting outside the classroom working but I never was sent to the principals office.
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I was so good I never got in trouble again after I got my name on the board once in the first grade for talking! Matter-o-fact I barely spoke in class after that!
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