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Kitty Feed Time !!

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We have 2 kittens, one is 14 weeks, and the other is 8 weeks..

We are having a little trouble with the 8 week old.. She will not seem to eat any kitten food (with gravy) but if we gave her bickies all day everyday she would eat them constantly. We have now tried many different types of kitten foods and she is really fussy about it. The older cat is fine, he will eat anything.. Is there anyway we can get her to eat some meat as well? Should we just give them their food and let it be? make her realise she has nothing else to eat so she finally decides to eat it?

If anyone has any advice please let me know..
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There are many on this forum that are far wiser in these matters than I but I thought I would put forward a sugestion!

Have you tried the 8 week old one with a bit of tuna mixed in with a bit of kitten food? Perhaps a can of tuna in spring water so it's not hard for her to digest mixed half and half then gradually reduce the tuna till she is eating the kitten food? I am yet to meet a kittie that won't at least have a nibble of that!

I am sure you will receive much better sugestions than that one. Good luck!
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As long as she is eating her dry kitten food and drinking water, it isn't a big deal for her not to eat the wet. Some cats just don't like it, neither of mine are big wet cat food eaters. They usually just lick some of the gravy and that's it.
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valanhb is right about your kittens, if they're eating the dry food and drinking water, they're ok.

Russell went through a phase of eating the dry food and leaving the wet food altogether. Anyway, you could try mixing the wet and dry food together to gradually introduce your kittens to the wet food.

And yup, Russell has tried to be a fussy cat so I kept taking it away putting it back in the fridge. When he decided he was hungry, I'd microwave it to get rid of the chill and put the same food back out. Though I know some stuff he just won't touch because it upsets his stomach so with that stuff, it's no use fighting it.
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Well we finally found something the little one will eat..

She will eat nothing (wet) unless if it is seafood based.. We tried her with many types of wet food, and nothing seemed to fit her taste, until we gave her some kitten food that was fish based (no beef or meaty product) and she ate the whole thing. She is very fussy but i think we have got ourselves a Fishy Cat lol !!!
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