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How to build muscle tone?

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Hi all.

My cat, Bing, is recovering from injuries from a cat fight some time ago. He is coming along great- there have been some setbacks but now he is doing much better.

However, along the process, he has lost a great deal of muscle tone due to being inside the entire time, and not having much activity.

He isn't a very playful cat- he couldn't care less about toys.... I tried walking him on a harness- that may work, but it isn't a very enjoyable experience yet.

Any ideas?


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I don't know if "Building muscle tone" is the right term- it looks weird!
post #3 of 8 addition to the exercise, maybe you could try switching his food. What is he eating? You could try looking for something high in protein.
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He is eating Raw.
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make sure he is getting enough fat//// eating raw I have no question he is getting enough protein
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Do you have steps? That is one of the best ways to get them to exercise and build up muscle. Will he follow a string toy up and down? How about the laser light?

Charlie loves to catch the laser or the string toys - we get him to do jumping from the floor or even jump from sofa, to floor, to chair. He's leaping at least 2 feet from the floor now (from the back legs - not the front ) - and he's only 5 months old
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Oh okay then.

Yes the laser light is the only toy that my Emily will actually play with- that is a good idea.
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I will have to try that. Thanks!
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