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TCS Vibes and Prayers Needed!

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There was a helicopter crash on Friday and the pilot is a very old friend of my BIL. The pilot is right now in critical condition in the hospital. They are keeping him in a drug induced coma due to the extent of the injuries and the pain he's in. He actually had 17 fractures in 1 of his femurs from the accident. He's also broken his pelvis, 5+ vertebrae in his back and neck and god knows what else. TCS vibes and prayers have been known to work miracles and Mark could really use one now - for himself, his wife and his 16-month old daughter.

Thank you all very much for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.
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Oh my goodness yes, many vibes headed his way.........
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Vibes coming from my neck of the woods!!
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Healing headbuts and soooothing, calming licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Prayers and vibes for sure. This must be the crash that Tracy was talking about on Friday.

{{{recovery vibes}}} for them.
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Many vibes for all of you!!
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{{{{{Recovery vibes}}}}} on their way!
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The tough part right now is that my sister was a critical care nurse, so she understands (maybe too well) what all the injuries mean and his long term prognosis. He had finally accomplished his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot, and after this he will probably never fly again. I just prayer he lives to see his daughter grow up.
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Sending many vibes his way!
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Sending lots of vibes your way!!!
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Lotsa vibes and prayers I won't ask for a speedy recovery, because it won't be, but hope for a good one, and strength for his family in the meanwhile.
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Kitters and I are seing huge Vibes for him and his family. I hope that everything works out to where he can continue to enjoy life with his loved ones even if it is not a completely back to normal one!
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My prayers and healing wishes are added to the others.
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Thank you everyone. I'm a firm believer in the power of positive energy and prayer, and hopefully all these good vibes will help him recover.
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