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Peat Moss Cat Litter And Laser Toys

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The other day I went out to the petstore to pick up some litter. I found this great litter called Rainforest Peat Moss And Cedar Chips cat litter. It is 100% natural and there is NO smell at all. You just scoop the poop and stir up the litter to bring back the amazing cedar aroma. My cats seem to like this litter better. I also picked up a couple of laser balls. They have flashing lasers inside that make my cats go bonkers. Here is a pic of the laser ball. (Psst... I got them for a dollar each!)

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What a cool laser light ball!! Where did you get it from? I want one of those for my kitties.
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just be careful with the cedar litter. The oils in the wood are not good for cats.
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I got the laser toy at a local supermarket in Canada. They don't have that store in America...bummer. I am very sure that you could find something like that somewhere else.

A little about the cedar litter...

RAINFOREST'S unique CEDAR n' MOSS cat litter is a re-cycled material that is proving very popular amongst ecologically-minded cat owners seeking a natural alternative to expensive imported clay litters.

Made in Canada from mill waste that would normally be destined for landfill disposal, our blend of cedar nuggets and peat moss offers some very distinct advantages including...

NATURAL FIBRE & AROMA with no added chemicals provides a soft highly-absorbent medium with fresh cedar giving a fresh "woody" scent that helps mask litter pan urea odour.

LIGHTWEIGHT... Organic Cedar n' Moss weighs less that half that of clay litters, yet provides considerably more absorbency.

FLUSHABLE... Cedar n' Moss is wholly bio-degradable and also makes an excellent soil conditioner and garden mulch.

DUST FREE... Rainforest litter eliminates harmful silica dust from your pet's environment.

SUPERIOR ODOUR CONTROL... Aromatic cedar is a natural deodorizer eliminating the need for chemical additives and is also a natural repellent of fleas and mites.

ECOLOGICALLY SOUND... our organic litter is a recycled material that helps reduce landfill disposal of mill waste and the strip-mining of clay litter.
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Spooky,this sounds like the ball your looking for.

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Hey Spencer-Thanks for the link!!
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About the cedar- is it kiln-dried? I'd still be afraid, it's the "natural" oils that aren't good. Somewhere there was a post recently about different cat litters. Personally, I'm using standard Arm & Hammer clumping cat litter, but I'm going to try alternative litters as soon as this box runs out! After what I've read, I'm afraid of it. Nothing's too good for my babies.

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