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First Time Mother!

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I'm so glad that I found this site. I'am a new mother to a 3 month old Manx kitten. I NEVER had a cat before, yet alone an indoor pet! So this will be a challenge for me! I'm trying to read up on raising a cat as much as possible. This forum will def. help me out on my road to motherhood!

I have SO MUCH questions that I hope can be answered from those who are more experienced than I'am. I have brought him to the vet many of times, but you know how it is, sometimes your questions never "really" get answered. I'm just looking for differnt opinions, maybe someone whos kitten is going thru what my little ZION is. Thanks in advance!!

1) FLEAS OR NOT? Zion constantly (several times a day) gnaws at his body and licks himself frantically in certain areas, his foot and side belly. I always hear him sucking his skin. Seems like hes in pain, but he doesnt cry. Took him to the vet, and its not FLEAS. Doctor really didnt give me any advice on what it could be. Just that its not FLEAS, from his 2 minute inspection. Personally, I never checked for mites in my life so I do not know how to look for flea dirt, etc. Also concerned that it mite be ring worm, but assumed that the doctor would have told me that, right? ANYONE know what im talking about??

2) FAT CAT!!? What is a decent amount of food to be feeding a kitten of 3 months (2.5 pounds). I have been feeding him about 3/4 small can of wet food (2x day) + leaving out dry food which he eats thruout the day, about 1/2 cup total sometimes more! Hes a fatty!! He loved to eat!!

3) I GOT A BITTER!! Zion seems as tho hes always on defense when I see him...He always attacks my feet and fingers, biting or scratching. I scold him saying "NO" in a stern voice, then he runs away. Though, it happens again, everyday. I want to break this HABIT!! you think he will eventually wean off this attacking "mode"!?

4) PERSONALITY CHECK! In relation to question 3, always on defense. When hes in his "play" mood, he can be in his own zone. I cant come near him at all, or else he attacks. So when i try to get his attention, he arches his back like the little halloween cats and he walks sides ways (towards me). I think its rather cute and funny! But im worried that he is really scared of me!!?

Well those are my questions for now

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Congratulations on your first kitten! I personally think there is nothing more wonderul than a cat. I can't help with the scratching issues but I'm sure someone knowledgeable will come along soon with some suggestions.

As for his behavior, a young kitten spends a LOT of time playing. Sometimes they can seem like they're being mean, and sometimes they seem to be just insane, running around like crazy, jumping at everything, biting, etc. This is normal and they usually grow out of it fairly quickly. If you don't already, you should get him lots of toys, especially the wand-type toys and use them to help wear him out with play.

Welcome to the life of being owned by a cat Would love to see a picture of him
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All but one of your questions have one answer. Kittenhood. Kittens are little nutballs. They are monsters! lol

Kittens need to eat more than you'd expect, since they are growing at quite a fast rate. Monitor his food intake, to make sure he's not continuing to overeat as he grows into an adult, but it sounds fine to me.

Kittens bite. They're crazy, and they often play with their teeth and claws. One thing I like to tell new kitten owners, is that hands and feet are not toys. Toys are toys. Encouraging rough play with your hands and feet when they're young make it much harder to break the habit when they get older. They'll try to do it despite your efforts, but just don't encourage the behaviour. If he attacks your hand, make it limp and move it away from him. Ignoring him for a few minutes. He'll learn that he's not supposed to play that way.

Personality sounds like your average kitten to me. When they get riled up it's hard to get them to focus on anything but play. He'll grow out of these things into a wonderful mature cat, I promise

As for the fleas, that I can't really tell you without seeing your kitten. What you can do is run a fine tooth comb through his fur several times, then dip it into a small amount of water. If he's got fleas the flea dirt trapped in the comb will turn the water pink.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by vanillasugar View Post
Encouraging rough play with your hands and feet when they're young make it much harder to break the habit when they get older.
Completely agree with this, and I have a cautionary tale.

Nate and I knew not to play with Radar with our feet and hands, and discouraged it. A good friend of mine came to stay in our flat for a week and look after Radar while we were on our honeymoon. Don't let the kitten play with your feet we told him. Unfortunately he thought it was fun to wiggle his toes at the little kitten and watch him pounce and bite.

Radar is now nearly 9 months old and I honestly think at this point that we will have to wear shoes indoors for the next 16 or so years (hopefully longer iykwim ) because the little *** will not stop toe-biting. Just because of 1 week of being encouraged to do it when he was little.

If there is any consolation, every time that friend comes round, my now nearly 9lb kitten makes a beeline for his feet rather than ours, and my friend no longer finds it amusing to wiggle his toes at little kittens.
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Sounds like you have a pretty normal kitty. If he is a Maine Coon he will grow up to big a pretty big boy and your food servings seem to be good. Are you giving him kitten food?

The above poster had some good advice re going limp of stop moving altogether when the kitty gets rough. Bijou was a little imp for chasing my feet and legs, biting and playing rough. To him it was play, to me it looked as though I had been in a serious cat-fight. By using the above methods and saying NO loudly he eventually got the message. It didn't happen overnight but once he matured he just stopped. He never bites, scratches or plays rough now. He and Mika are both very, very gentle and loving.
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Thanks everyone!
Thats one thing I am guilty of! Wiggling my fingers in front of him, to get his attention

PS: How do I post a picture!??
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You can upload a photo to a free site like photobucket.com and then it gives you a code to paste into the message here. We would love to see a picture!
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I"m assuming you've got a tailess cat (manx do have tails ). If so, you'll have to not let him get too fat. Some manx have problems with elimination on the totally tailless kind - so keep that in mind. I would cut back on the canned food - 3/4 of a small can (6 oz) is a bit much for a kitten. Give him about 2 teaspoons or a bit more per serving with the dry.

Charlie's 5 months old - he's getting about 1/2 can of wet food in the evening and 1/4 - 1/3 cup of dry in the morning. He's a solid 6 1/2 lbs now

Kittens are weird. If you are not home all day, it might be wise to get a playmate so the kitten energy will not be directed all to you. I would get a nice treehouse (minimum of 4 feet high) and lots of interactive toys - like feathers, toys on a string, etc. to play with him.

Post pictures please
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