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My fingers are crossed that this little one comes out soon........I think I'd have my husband ripping up my house by now!
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If I had a husband he'd be making good use of the hammer right now. I'd tear it apart myself if I had any idea where the cat is. He moves around a lot.

I feel so useless. I don't know what else to do but wait.
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I found him. Apparently he's had easy access to the outside all this time and was just toying with me by meowing while he was under the house. Making humans go crazy is a good cat passtime.

I was staked out near a vent when I heard meowing, then it sounded like the meowing was right outside my door. And what do you know, when I looked outside a big grey cat greeted me. I opened the door and said cat made a beeline for under the house and resumed his meowing.

I grabbed a dish of food and shook it near the opening and out comes this huge grey kitty. Very handsome, even though he was shaved down except for a lions mane. So he belongs someone stupid enough to let their shaved cat outside in the winter. I felt even worse for him at that point.

I petted him, then grabbed his scruff to pick him up. He was fine with this. Seemed perfectly happy to let me cart him around. I go to take him inside (after nearly falling on my arse on the icy steps and dropping the cat, I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts) and my three dogs greet us, I forgot to put them away in my haste to make it outside with the food dish.

The cat freaked out, I tried to hold on but decided keeping my limbs intact was a better choice and let him go. He scampered off but not before giving me a nice scratch for my troubles.

I tried to block the hole the best I could but I think he'll somehow find another way in if he really wants to. I can only hope the dogs scared him enough that he won't come back. And of course that he goes home to his stupid owners and they grow half a brain and decide to keep their shaved cat inside. One can only hope.

So that's the end of this story, I'm just glad I didn't end up with a dead cat inside my vents. I would have liked to bring him in and look for his owners, but he just wasn't having that after seeing the dogs (can't say I blame him even though they'd rather suggle with him than eat him, he didn't know that).
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So happy that the mystery is solved!!
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Glad you found him! Isn't that typical though, you spend days worrying, nights staring at the ceiling, find they've been coming and going as they please, and then they scarper leaving you needing skin grafts when you've finally caught them

Hope he gets kept in by his owners from now on, and that your scratches heal quickly
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He's back already, I just heard him crying under my kitchen sink. I guess I've got myself an outside cat. Funny how they always know exactly which house to run too... and he picked well because I just might put some food out for him tomorrow since he was looking a little skinny. I know, then I've really done it and he'll never leave. lol

I'd have been happy to bring him in eventually, but he seemed really scared of the dogs so I'm ditching that idea, I don't want to scar the poor thing for life.

Oh well, at least I know he's toasty warm at night in my heating vents. They're mutli-purpose, good for heating humans and also for keeping stray kitties warm....let's just hope he doesn't tell his friends about the new place he's found.
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maybe in a week or two he will trust you again and you can introduce the dogs and cat slowly.
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Thank God he wasn't actually stuck! I'm so glad he is (relatively) safe & (relatively) warm!
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I am so glad to hear the end of this story, I am also glad that he wasn't stuck in the heating stuff.

You were wonderful in trying to help this cat.
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I'm so glad to hear he had access to outside the whole time. I cannot imagine how relieve YOU were!

Just one quick thought.... is he neutered? You may want to trap the guy and get him to the vet. Since he's included your home in his territory, if you release him where you trap him, there is a super-high probability he'll stick around and continue to be your outside kitty. If you he's intact - you may have quite a few more kitties to deal with come Spring time.

On the other hand - it shouldn't be your financial responsibility to neuter him.

Maybe take pics and put up posters - see if he belongs to someone?

Or... if you decide to use the same "rules" we do (if it is on our property, we're going to sterilize it), you can search for low-cost services in your area by clicking on the SaveSamoa picture in my signature line.

What a story! And what an angel you are for wanting to save (and help) this kitty!

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Who would shave their cat to a lion cut and let it outside in winter?
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I'm going to try and take some pics next time I see him and put up some flyers. Maybe he did escape and his owners are looking for him. It would take a very dense person to let their shaved cat outside on purpose. I'm not rulling that out, but I am hopefull that maybe he's just an escape artist.

He's certainly not feral since he was so willing to let me carry him around, he seems like a very sweet kitty. So obviously someone had once spent time with him.

I don't like the idea of outside cats. It makes me very sad to think of him living outside in the cold. I've put out some food for him and I think he'll probably be back tonight. He seems to like to make my house is nighttime hideway.

I would try and trap him to be neutured if he's not already but I doubt I can find a vet who will do it free of charge. I'll call around though. Cross your fingers that he's got a worried owner somewhere looking for him.
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He must have an owner with that haircut..I hope they are looking for him.
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Mr. Kitty did in fact tell his friends about the new place. I left food out for him last night and while I didn't see him, the food was gone this morning. So I went out again just a few minutes ago to refill the dish, I shook it to signal that dinner was ready and a little orange and white head peeked out from under the house at me.

I now have two kitties calling the guts of my house home. Orange kitty wasn't as friendly as her Grey friend had been, but she didn't seem afraid of me. Just waited paitently untill I left the bowl and went back inside before coming out and chowing down like food was going out of style. Didn't even have the courtesy to leave some for Grey Cat.

This one, is chubby and adorable. She's got the cutest little pudgy face.

I'm really worried now that I might in fact find kittens under my house someday since there seems to be more stray (or uncared for) cats in the neighborhood than I first thought. I'm going to try and gain the trust of these two by feeding regulalry and then hopefully, someday I can get them into the vet for neutering.

I have no doubt that orange kitty is getting food elsewhere as well, since she's quite plump. But somehow I doubt that she's spayed. (don't ask me why I think she's a "she" I haven't a clue) And I''ve decided to adopt the "if it's on my property it's getting neutered" philosophy. There has to be a vet somewhere that will give me a discount.

Haven't seen grey cat at all today. I hope he comes back too if he's hasn't gone home.
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I would put up some flyers around the neighborhood to see if anyone owns these cats. Sounds like they do have homes though, especially the lion cut guy. Maybe he's lost?
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I put up two flyers at the closest intersections this morning. I haven't been able to get any pictures yet though so I'm just hoping that if lion guy does have someone looking for him that they'll see it and read it despite the lack of picture.

Meanwhile, he was just here to have dinner an hour ago.
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Well, at least you saw him for dinner.......
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What a great story!!! I've been glued to my screen, following this thread closely!

Anyway, there's a possibility this pair could be littermates, or...ahem, girlfriend/boyfriend. Or, they could be a pair from the same household that were simultaneously outside, and have chosen to stick somewhat together. If girlfriend is a bit chunky, and not neutered, she may be "in the family way" if you know what I mean. I would hope if she is, she doesn't select your heating vents as the perfect place to have some kittens.

Personally, I'd set up a safe room in your house, away from the dogs, make some posters, and hang them up everywhere. If no one claims them in 2 weeks, they're yours! If you choose to keep them in the event that no one claims them, read all you can about introducing cats to dogs. There's lots of info on that on TCS, and elsewhere too.

Anyway, good luck...I wish all three of you the best!
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Apart from clicking on the SaveSamoa pic in my signature line (which will take you to links to search for low-cost spay/neuter services), you can also try this link: http://www.pets911.com Here you can type in your zip code and search for local Rescue and Shelters. You may find one (or some) that may have a trap they can lend you, they may have or know of low-cost (or no cost) spay/neuter services.

You can also go to www.bestfriends.org and go to the No More Homeless Pets page. From there, look for the feral resources. You can contact the Best Friends network to see if there's anyone in your area that can help. They have an e-mail on there to contact them. I think it's like info@bestfriends.org - but they have instructions there.

We were feeding just a few kittens.... and ended up TNRing and rehoming over 20 cats in just that one area. They ALWAYS have friends!

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You know, that's what I'm afriad of. That Peaches (Yes, I've named the orange girl) is in fact in the "family way". She's quite shy though so I'm not sure how long it'll be untill I can catch her. Lion Guy seems more hesitant of me then before now, probably because he remembers what happened last time I tried to feed him, he was tricked and almost fed to the dogs.

I think they'll come around though. I thought about closing up the hole to under the house completly to prevent them from having kittens up there, but I also don't want them to freeze. I have a feeling both Lion Guy and Peaches are snuggled up under the house right now. And it's COLD outside.

We'll see what happens. I may have to see if anyone will lend me a trap if it seems they're not coming around more after a week or so. I'll check out those links.

I'm not too worried about introducing them to the dogs. I've got eight cats already so we've been through that routine plenty of times, I just don't really need another two cats. I was so tempted to keep Lion Guy if he would have let me bring him in, but after thinking it over more it's probably best if I don't. Otherwise I'll be that crazy cat lady soon with a gazzillion cats!

I can set them up in my bathroom though untill I can find them homes, or neuter and release them. I suppose it's up to them really, if they turn out to be somewhat tame I don't think it would be hard to rehome them.

Still crossing my figners that someone sees the flyers. I'd be so happy to see these two find their owners and go back to a nice warm house.
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I know you don't really mind having them live in your heating vents but I would consider covering the openings with chicken wire. They could reak havoc in there and then it could start to smell. Plus if they do have kits you never know. I would be afraid one would get lost or worse in the vents. That could end up costing you in the end.
Could you set up a dog house or something close to the opening and try to get them to use that?

Bless you for taking this on and good luck.
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The dog house is a good idea! I think they are in fact an item, I heard them crying like only mating cats do last night. That sound is unmistakable, so...yeah, they've decided to use my house as their love shack. I think kittens are on the way pretty soon.

I went to put some food out just a few minutes ago and two little heads peaked out at me. Peaches and Lion Guy. They're shacking up together.

I'm going to see about getting a small dog house, I only worry about closing them up inside the house on accident when I do attempt to block them from getting in. I don't ever really know when they've left for sure as I don't see them leaving.
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Originally Posted by Silverpawz View Post
I only worry about closing them up inside the house on accident when I do attempt to block them from getting in. I don't ever really know when they've left for sure as I don't see them leaving.
I see how that is concern. Maybe on your next day off do a kitty stakeout. Set up the dog house, put food and blankets in it. Make it warm and inviting. Then sit and wait. When you see them leave move in and cover the holes.
I may take a few attemps but I am sure if she is in the motherly way a soft spot may be nicer for her than a heating vent. Plus we all know how men are. They will follow a girl anywhere
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Good news, I found someone on craigslist who is giving away a free dog house. I'm going to go pick it up tomorrow. Cross your fingers that the kitties take to it.

I've been so worried about them today, it's snowing a lot and is so cold outside. I don't know if they're actually IN the vents or just in another part of the house. I almost hope they are in the vents for now because then they'd be really toasty.
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Good luck with the doggy house I'm sure they'll love it.

I find bubble wrap a very good insulator to line the boxes with Or
polystyrene sheets.
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Cut a hole in the back of it - cats are FAR more likely to use a shelter if there's more than one way out of it. And the best insulator, actually, is a bunch of straw. You don't need to pack the house full of it, but put a good amount in there. They'll work their way in.

You can replace it as often as you need to, they can snuggle into it, it doesn't attract bugs like blankets do, it requires no maintenance, and, most importantly, it keeps them warm and snuggly.


BTW - if you can find a no- or low-cost spay/neuter service, many places will spay pregnant cats. Some vets have a problem with this, some people have a problem with this. But we spay pregnant cats because there are just so many homeless kitties already.
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