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My Newest Litter Of Babies.

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For those of you who are interested in Rats. This is my newest litter . My baby Satin had 5 babies on the 31st of january. so they are now 1 week old. Her and her mum Sweet-Pea both look after the lil ones. They share the cleaning and feeding .
heres the pics

This is mum Satin.

And Grandma Sweet-Pea.Making sure I'm not hurting the bubs.


Mound of babies.

I don't think that i have come accross any rat babies on here yet.
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The baby rats are really cute
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They are cute. I like the white ones and the black and white one.
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Awww I love little pinkies!! I used to raise baby mice, and they were so much fun!!
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I know someone online from another site that had 2 oops litters of ratties. They were the hairless rats. They didn't look much different than they did when they grew up.
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aww how sweet!
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Awww Eepers!!!

They are just so cute! You'll have to keep us updated with progress photos!
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Aww~they really are cute. We really need more photos as they grow.
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I love how they have different skin colours. Does that translate into different fur colour when they get older?
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Oh I love your rats! I have had quite a few ratties over the years, but no room for them just now. One day I will have more ...
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Oh cute baby ratties!
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Its been a while since I have been on. My cute litter have grown up . there are 3 girls and 2 boys in the litter. What looked like white babies ended up being a beautiful light grey colour.
my babies names are Teddy(Lil grey boy) Billy(lil brown boy) Syndrome(lil brown girl) Ash(lil grey girl) and last is Mini-Pea(lil hooded girl). She is so much like her grandma Sweet-Pea.
I am in the process of getting all boys neutered. Teddy is already done. Billy goes in this week and their dad Brutus goes in the fortnight after that.
No more accidental litters here. Not unless a feral rat gets into my girls. But good luck getting past the cats.
I'm in the process of downloading pics to photo bucket so more pics of the babies will be added soon.
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this is my snuggle pot Teddy.

His Twin Ash. She is a lil shy.

This is Mini-Pea. She is a hard Lil Rattie to photograph. She is always moving. She is just like her grandma Sweet-Pea.

And Syndrome. She is like she is constantly on a sugar high. Always Wired.

I don't have a pic of Billy just yet. the batteries went flat on my camera.
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What cuties!
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Awwww They are so cute! And so much bigger now
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