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shy cat

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Yesterday I got a brother sister pair of 5 ish month old kittens. They weren't abused but undersocialized. Max is doing good-coming out of cage willingly for his loving and all...His sister maggie is freaked out of ehr mind still-will purr but not interested in anything going on. They came from a guy who had approx 15 cats/kittens when they were younger. She is sorta small so thinking she was the submissive cat. I have been going along the line of treating her like I did my feral. I have been sitting down and just petting her in cage-she purrs but won't relax(feel her body and very tense)-she has yet to eat(licked some nutrical off finger tho) I have her in a 2x3x3 ish cage(seperate from her brother) she just stares and trys to blend in and not be noticed...Any one have exp with this sort of situation or am I doing right thing? should I leave her alone more or try to interact more(is getting spayed thursday am so i hope i am not hurting her more then i am helping-but has to go in case shes pregnant) Thanks for anything you can give me-normally ok with ferals and new cats but shes very different then anything i have dealt with.
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I believe it is absolutely right of you to look at her as semiferal and work like you would do with a shy semiferal.

Therefore wait with petting her. It isnt she accepts them. I think she being submissive withstands and endures them. And purrs not of joy but to calm down herself, like sick cats can do sometimes...

I you dont have her in a cage and she is free to go away, then it is easier to do pet some: both you and she know if she doesnt want she would change place. As simply as that...
(It is so I know my own homecats like to be petted...)
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Are they in a separate room? I know you've got them in cages. But the best thing would be to leave the cages open, provide a few more hidey places (like boxes on their sides) and leave them on their own in a room. Spend as much time in there as you can - but ignore them. Read out loud. Put a radio in there tuned to a classical station. Use low lighting (unless you're reading).

Just let them get used to the new territory, the new smells, the new sounds. I'd treat them like ferals and progress at their rate. Interactive play with a wand toy often helps - if they want to play. But leave little balls or mice or whatever out for them to play with. You can judge a little better how they're doing depending upon the state of the toys in the morning.

Food is always a great motivator too. A little wet food on the end of a spoon....

And, of course, you can always use the "smell" factor. Get a t-shirt or old sweatshirt or whatever good and sweaty. Leave treats out for them on it. Do the same thing, and place it under their food bowl. This helps them associate you with good things.

Otherwise - any of the feral socialization threads may/should have more ideas - and I'd do what you're doing. Consider them ferals and go from there. Of course, they'll warm up more quickly.

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