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Prayers and Vibes needed for sweet feral kitty

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Prayers and vibes need for feral grey sweet kitty...

Through my own incompetence, I managed to get one of my ferals
from my group...
(so sweet its hard to htink she's feral) into a CARRIER.

I didn't plan to trap last night, but she was there, it was cold
and windy and getting worse (coldest night EVER so far this
winter)...and she went into it to eat/shelter.

So took her home, got her to my front steps, when the
carrier latch which obviously was NOT done properly, popped.

Cat immediately OUT free... I spent the worse night wondering
about her, thinking she was gone. I went and called many times,
to no avail...

Now, I went home at dinner - this am put out food around the
drains... and it was gone. The drain system is used as a "highway"
by our cats and some ferals around the area.

I heard a MEOW!! She's down the drains! In front of my house,
can't see her, but can hear her. Am not sure if she's going
to be able to get out that drain, and so I am setting out food
for her and a trap there, and at another drain.

Please, please all pray I catch her, that she is able to get
out that drain and goes in the trap. I have an experienced
trapper helping me... but we aren't sure she can get out.
It will be a MIRACLE if we get this kitty tonight.

We plan to spay/neuter (she had the apt all set up) and
find a home, after I tame some. She is of the same litter
as Valiant and Braveheart - one that never let me catch her
till NOW. She is a total LOVEBUG and definitely would make
a wonderful house cat. Please all, will you pray with me
and send me good vibes??

I will keep at it till I catch her. There are shelters out for
kitties, plus feeding sites. I have 1 feral tom I care for, he
comes regular and knows my house and the drains and all
the ropes. He may befriend her... (want to mate her actually,
sigh, sigh sigh...) We hope that doesnt happen.

Anyway, long post short, I need alot of prayers and so does sweet
grey kitty. Trapping over at the site this weekend too (have 3 more
certificates to use, yayyyy!!)

Thanks to all who pray for us...
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for this sweet kitty, I hope you do indeed catch her.

Please keep us updated on this situation.

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that you can catch the sweet grey kitty and get her taken care of.
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Sending many prayers that you're able to catch this sweet gray kitty.
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Sending HUGE vibes that you are able to trap this kitty and soon!

I'm confused - you're worried she can't get out of the drain - but the ferals and strays use it as a highway. Is this a different section? Sending more huge vibes that she can get out!

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Well All: Sweet Grey Feral was ON MY DECK STAIRS @ 7:30 pm
last night!!

My cats were inside. I locked them in to avoid scaring her.

I scared her when I came on the deck, and meowed at her.

She did a silent meow at me and vanished.

I put out food, she didn't seem to touch but some was
eatn this am, so she obviously sort of found some ...

She KNOWS where I am now!! She came out of the sewers!

Praying that a) no other cats or animals scare her off
b) she stays safe in sewers and warm c) that she
comes back and d) I CAN TRAP tonight!

I am setting out 2 traps in the yard... both baited
with smelly sardines and Popeyes chicken.

I am going to try to catch her. Please give me MAJOR
trapping vibes all. I don't want to catch neighbor's cat
or others, so I will not trap after 12 midnight. I will put
them out at 5/6 pm when I get home.

With MAJOR luck I will have her safe in a trap and in
the warm basement guest room SOON, TODAY.

All please pray with me for this outcome!!

Thanks again for your support!

There is way more to the story, so I
just wanted to let you all know the

(Like the parts where I went in the main sewer
drain line, putting out food and scented wash
clothes and dirt from her old site...)
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Sending good vibes for this grey feral kitty from the frozen north.....
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Trap the sweet grey kitty vibes coming your way.
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Sending prayers and {{{{{vibes}}}}} that you catch the little darling.
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Oh my, lots of good luck vibes headed your way.........come on little kitty, come out of the drain!!
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Any more news on this little kitty, I hope you were able to catch her.
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A friend of mine manages a few ferals that she called her "drain kitties". In urban areas, the drains are a regularly used shelter by ferals.

I'm glad she found her way to your house. Sending positive trapping vibes your way. (KFC works better than Popeyes btw)
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Okay, update of sweet grey kitty. NO more sightings Crawled drains
today (Sat. ) nothing in the drains. Food was eaten, but it could be coons doing that...or another cat.

Stupidly left trap out and baited on deck, and caught...t a da... RACOON!

Poor thing went nuts overnight, and the cats gathered on the dinning
table to watch it through the patio doors...

I opened up the trap and released it, after coving it over. Coon
wandered out in his own time...Poor thing got a bit banged up.

Anyway, as I was doing the sewer check, I was accosted by the
rattiest, thinest long haired blk n white kitty. Meowing with a
siamese meow at me.. following me home! I think it has
been in the sewers a while. Filthy, matted and bone thin under
all the fur. I think its been eating the food I've beeing leaving
the last few weeks for Greyball. Who has NOT been sighted in
a while.

We aren't sure if I have a girl or boy cat. It is due to go to the
vet ASAP MOnday or Tuesday. I am going to get some mats snipped
off, the teeth and Upper Resp. checked and have a snip n/ nip done!

If the vet agrees, they may take this poor guy in for adoption.
He/she is clearly a housecat at one time. Went peacefully in
carrier to house, is happy and quiet in the bathroom and positive
drools and purrs with pleasure when you come in and sit and pet him./ her.

So, I caught a cat in need, just not the one *I* was wanting to get!!

Please keep praying for my sweet grey feral girl. That she not
wander off, that she hang near and that she come to find my
yard a good place to come for food and shelter... so that I can
finally catch!!

I have left food by the entrance to the drain she goes in/out (or I thought she did on Wed/Thur) and so far, that food has been nibble neatly (like a cat,
not coon) and the hot broth that froze, was licked very precisely into a small
hole so the animal could get to the liquid... signs I hope my little grey is THERE.

Please pray for me to find her and catch her soonest, before snow and all
that bad weather arrives.

In the meantime I will get a photobucket account so I can post pics. It sort of reminds me of the Persian Hissy or one of the others found a while back. Near to death in the wilderness, but a beauty once cleaned up. This little cat will be a beauty once she/he is shaved and fur grows in. Needs a good bath too, and some advantage put on him/her...

Anway, thought all would like to know whats up. May post this in another tread once i get the photos of the blk n white guy. Hoping my vet rescue decides they can take her in right now...
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Well, even though you didnt get the kitty you were looking for, you did find a kitty that needs you and for that I say I can't wait to see pics of this little darling, and I'm praying that you can trap your gray feral soon!
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Still sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for the little grey kitty.

I hope you can it soon.

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