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Deciding on 2 boxes, but.....

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Hi, I am deciding on putting another litter box somewhere in my apartment (don't know where yet) but here's my concern. Right now, both my female cats share and always have, the same litter box. After we moved to this apartment, my Molly has been acting as though she is "Queen of All." She poops outside of the box maybe once a week. She sits by the bathroom door where I have the litter box. She stares down poor Naomi as if to say, "I DARE you to walk past me and use the box." Naomi is totally intimidated and lately seems to be showing signs of depression. She'll wait until Molly's "standing guard" game is over, and then quickly go to the box, pee, bury her pee, jump out the box, and try to "bury" the poop that's on the floor directly in front of the box. Well, I feel that if I make up a new and unused litter box for Naomi, Molly will make SURE to "initiate" the box by either peeing in it, or pooping in it ~ or both! If that happens, does anyone PLEASE have advice? I'm just at my wit's end. OH, and WHERE should I put the second box?!

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I live in a 1 bdrom apt w 3 cats, and my gang has two boxes, both in the bathroom, I'm lucky to have room enough for one next to the toilet, then one in front of it. I use the Arm and Hammer Flushable litter. Two are using one box, then there's whiskey, he's a bit on the weird side. Pretty anal if you know what I mean. He cares if someone is in there when he uses the facility's. But when I use the facility, I got all three in there wanting attention. I turn the light off for Whisk, and if Olivia and Orion aren't around, he goes, and he buries. All is ok right ? Wrongee Dongee. He actually waits for them to leave, if they're in there, and then he won't let them in his box, and being naturally curious they hang out anyway. Poor little guy has to hold his used oats till they leave. If it was me, I'd be running in circles.
I've gone ahead and started taking my other two gangsters outta the bathroom when I leave, and Whisk can do his duty. Maybe you're having a privacy problem, some cats are like that. I used to put tops on the boxes, but found they don't like them. Now they're open air litter boxes...eco terrorists...Mike, Methford Or..
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If you need an alternate site for the other box, try using it near air flow and as private as possible, then don't forget to introduce the chosen kitty to it putting it's paws in the box and smelling the fresh litter. I also use some of that dollar store carpet fresh dust for rugs in the boxes, I'm not sure who it's for, me or the 3 stooges. I do get dry heaves real easy, and I have one (Orion) who must have a different digestive system than the other two..He Stanks the place up when he poops. The other cats are just regular scents. just thought of this...hmm maybe my whiskey can't stand Orions onions ?? ya think ??
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You should definitley get another box, possibly 2. You should have 1 box for each cat and I read that a box per cat + 1 is the best way to go. I know it gets old and expensive with the scooping and having to buy all that litter but it really helped me out with a similar situation. One of my cats will only pee in one box and poop in the other...he is super picky! I hope you can fix your problem, good luck!
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Hi, I did try the other box thing, but both used it equally. Pretty strange. So, I went to the one box. They both use it but now I got Feliway. My vet suggested it. Believe it or not, Molly went from pooping (outside of the box) at least once a week, to pooping outside of the box once per 2 months. So far, it's better than it was.
Thank you both for your great advice. Onions? Ewwwwwwwwwww! I can see why Orion has STANKY poopie! LOL.
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