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we're all anxious to hear an update when you get the chance...
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Sorry guys, it's been a long day for us.We waited for the call to let us know when they MRI appt. is.They finally called at 3 to let us know.It is for Wed. the 14th at 3 pm.
That makes me hope that since it is a few days off, that it isn't anything that he is OVERLY concerned about.I know he is concerned as he has ordered the MRI.But, I just think if it was really bad, it would have been set up sooner.Who knows.
I asked the Nurse when she called what the _____________sarcoma name was and she didn't know.She told me that all he told her was to set up the MRI and that was it.He's been in surgury all day long.So, everytime I've called, he hasn't been able to answer what the name was for me.
I called BC/BS to see what they could tell me, but they still hadn't got the order code or something like that.Whatever that means.She told me to try calling tomm. and then they should know what it is about, since they have to have it approved before they can do that and charge our insurance.
I am still holding on to my faith in God that she is too young and that she won't be faced with this.
I don't know anyone in the medical field.So, if it turns out to be bad news, then I will get in touch with St.Judes or some place like that.Not just anyone will touch my child if she should have Cancer.
The Nurse did tell me that we will wait for the MRI results and then go from there.If it looks suspecious, then they will Biopsy it and send that off.I asked when we would have the MRI results and was told if it is bad news, within a couple of days.If it's nothing, then when I take her back in 6 weeks for a re-check of her knee.
We are holding on.Thank you so very much everyone!!! My Mom is on standby and will fly down here to be with us, should the need arise.But, I told her to stay put until then.
As for the Pattelafemoral syndrom, he said with 6 weeks of Physical Therapy....learning how to stretch it and excersises, it will get better.To be honest, that isn't even worrying me that much.
On her x-rays,he did a 30,60,90 degree angles and then the weight bearing one.The 90 degree angle one is the one that Sis's knee is actually how it is suppose to be.At the weight bearing on, the one side is rubbing the bone and the other has a gap.Which is not how it's suppose to be.
I will update as soon as I know anything!!!
And I will try and get back to posting here more as soon as I can.Right now, my mind just doesn;t want to think about anything other than my Daughter.
Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!!
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Thanks for the update Tammy, you have a lot of wonderful caring people praying for your daughter.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Right now, my mind just doesn;t want to think about anything other than my Daughter.
Of couse that is how you feel.
We are here for you whenever you need to share.
You both remain in my thoughts.
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Well, with an MRI, no news is good news, for sure. In the meantime, try to enjoy each day together...these challenges sometimes come up to remind us how much our loved ones mean to us, and how we need to appreciate the small daily stuff that life is all about.

I still think that either way the MRI turns out (whether it's cancer or not), your daughter will come out of out fine in the long run. Whatever it is, it's probably been caught early, and is more than likely highly treatable with a positive outcome.

Take this waiting game as an opportunity to do have some special mother-daughter time...watch movies, go out to supper, take some photos, whatever you enjoy doing with each other. Then, if you find out it isn't serious (which we're all praying that it isn't), then at least you had a lot of fun during the waiting game, and can maintain your mental health, and possibly some high spirits.

Bless you and your daughter...you're in my thoughts. You can both get through whatever this is!
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Tammy - big hugs to you and your daughter
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Thanks for the update....continueing {{{vbies}}} for you & your daughter...
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Tammy, I'm just seeing this and saying prayers for your daughter.
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Still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you, and Amber and the rest of the family, please continue to hang in there Tammy.

I just believe that everything will be all right.

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Best wishes and good vibes to you and your daughter.
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Hugs and vibes {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}} for the whole family.

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I am continuing to pray for you and your daughter Call me if you need anything
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Tammy - just letting you know I'm still thinking of you two.
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Thank you for the update Tammy.
We are still sending good vibes and big hugs
Stay possative. God gives us these triing times for a reason.
Remember we are here for you
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Tammy thanks for the update. Still sending many hugs to you and your family.

BIG HUG!!! I am always just a PM away if you need me.
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I hope that she will be okay.
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Oh my, just saw this --- I am so sorry you all have to go through this.
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I can not begin to tell you all how much all of you and your prayers mean to us.
I am just a ball of nerves right now.I'm not getting the answers that I so desperatly seek.I only want a name....nothing else right now.And no one will give it to me.
I have called the MRI dept. and they told me to call the Dr. and get the name from him. I called his office yesterday and today with NO luck.I realize that he is a Surgeon,but a phone call with a name would only take 2-3 mintues at most.BC/BS will not help me either.I don't understand why I am hitting all these road blocks.I am really kicking myself in the butt for NOT writing down the name.But, who here can say that as soon as you hear the words Malignant, can say that they would be able to grasp anything after that? I knew as soon as he said ____________Sarcoma and malignant that it was bad.That's all I heard and knew at the time.
Amber didn't realize what Sarcoma was until he said HIGH tendency to be Malignant and then she knew it was the C word.
I need to set up her Physical Therepy,but can't do it right now.I may be in the wrong,but I want the MRI done first.I have to know what we are dealing with before we worry about PT.
Thank you all again so very very much. I am trying to remain faithful and know that God wouldn't take my child from me.I have asked that if anyone has to go, he take me in her place.
NO parent should EVER have to burry a child!!
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Oh how frustrating.
Here's hoping he calls back right away.
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Could it have been synovial? This is a malignant tumor that occurs near a joint... It is common near the knee in children...

My prayers are with you and your daughter I can imagine how scary all of this is
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That name is the one that stuck out.But, like I said, I'm just not sure what it was.
I just want a phone call with the name for right now.I've even looked on BC/BS to see if I can find any info. and that is getting me no where too.
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Tammy Hang in there. The medical community can be so frustrating.
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You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
NO parent should EVER have to burry a child!!
exactly what my mother said when my brother was killed. but don't borrow trouble - even if it is cancer, there's so much that can be done nowadays. & prayers work miracles!

eta: BTW - check webmd for info - they have loads of stuff there!
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Tammy I am just now catching this and I am sorry to hear that your daughter is having some health problems right now my prayers are with her and your whole family.
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I just now found this thread. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, I am sending prayers and vibes to your daughter.
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((((hugs)))) Prayers for you and daughter and family!
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Tammy, it could be the doctor isn't getting back to you because he doesn't know until the tests come back. They can't diagnose for sure until they have facts. He threw out a possibility, but not a diagnosis. So, take a deep breath and put your trust in God. I'm not a very religious person, but at times like this, I believe He is who we have to turn to in order to keep ourselves together. Believe that it will be ok. Hug your daughter, order pizza and watch a favorite movie. Tomorrow will take care of itself. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
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My thoughts are with you and your daughter.
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