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Hello everyone!

I am a new breeder who just got her CFA Cattery registered. I am very excited and have done a lot of research, but feel any information you experienced breeders can give me will only educate me more.

I am breeding doll faced himalayans. I have nothing against the extremes, I just prefer the doll faced.

I have a female seal pt and male lilac pt. My female is only 8 months and hasn't gone into heat yet, which is great because I won't breed her until after she's one. Also, I won't overbreed my cats, I'm thinking only one or two litters yearly. I would like to purchase another female down the road after I've learned more and feel more confident.

Any suggestions or recommendations is greatly appreciated!! Thank you to all who have been so kind in welcoming me to this wonderful site.

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Hi Lisa

I am in the process of doing what you are doing. I have my papers and a kitten picked out but it's been a difficult road (it's a long story) I want to show and be a very small breeder of Russian Blues.

I have 2 domestics and a feral that adopted me that has just had kittens. The panic and heartache I've had with her is unbelievable. I'm starting to think I don't have what it takes You can see all their pictures all over this forum. As you will be able to tell I am a bit snap happy LOL.

The members here are fantastic. I have been on another forum where all they did was pull you down and force their opinions down your throat. No matter what you posted. I have found fantastic friends and the wisdom and help has been unbelievable. The day I found this forum has been the happiest day I've had in a very long while.

Good luck with what you are doing, I want to stay small and have my Russian as part of the family. I hate backyard breeders and breeders who put their animals in cages outside. I know that is a broad statement but when breeders start breeding several different breeds I start to wonder if they are in it only for the money. I guess I want to be a loving, caring cat owner before being considered a breeder LOL.

I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have and I look forward to seeing pictures!! I hope we can share information down the road.
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I'm a retired breeder these days . Ideally, I think you should wait until your female is 18 months or so before you breed her. This will give her time to finish growing. I would limit her to one litter per year. I say one litter because she will carry the kittens for 8 weeks or so and then be caring for them for 12 weeks. After the kittens leave, she will need time to recuperate and get back on her feet. When she gets to be 4 years old, it will be time to get her spayed.

I quit breeding for a couple reasons:
- my cats got older
- and I started seeing way too many purebreds in the shelters & breed rescues.
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