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What kind of pillow do you use?

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Personally, I use the kitten pillow

It comes in two settings, purr and claw

And for those who need a bit more neck support there's the deluxe model (twitchy tail included)

(Yes, both Sho and Tomas are in there )

Tomas really likes to climb into and under things, boxes, bags, blankets, and apparently pillow cases and occasionally Sho will follow suite.

So what silly things do your kitties climb into?
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Oh that's so cute! My girls don't really climb into anything too silly. They each have a cubby here on the desk though!
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Those are cute pictures! LOL! Twig will attack things under the pillows and Rocket will follow suit. But that's all.
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I had to toss a few toys out from between my pillows too
Tomas was having too much fun playing in and around the pillows last night.
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I use a kitty duvet..she climbs right in and makes herself at home in there
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I have "my" pillow and then a seperate one for Bakker the was the one I used to use for sleeping. He is my headwarmer during this cold snap. The others are not pillow cats!!
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Torrie & Chyna like boxes and carrier bags of all things
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oh my goodness! that is too cute!!!!
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I'll move this to fur pages for you
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When I was six I had the ultimate wraparound pillow... my kitty Scruffy would sleep for the whole night wrapped around the top of my head. He was really lovey. I miss him!

wix doesn't do anything like that... she's a talker and a fuzzy kitty, but she doesn't come to you of her own accord to snuggle very often at all.
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Oh, I wasn't sure if I should have put this thread over here or not, I actually considered it for about half an hour before posting

Cocoalily, I had a snuggly fluffy persian mix that loved to wrap around my head when I was little. She was so sweet and laid back, and when someone would pick her up she'd hold her front paws out like a little kid then wrap them around your neck. Before I moved my stuff out of my dad's house I was staying at my boyfriend's (now husband) place, it was winter and my dad let her out at night, my grandmother found her in the snow one morning, apparently a stray dog had got to her I still miss her so much.

You Twix is adorable, I've recently realized that white and tabby is a favorite pattern of mine.
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