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Whew that was close!

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I just got home, to find 4 water company trucks outside my house! Fortunately my water is working. My neighbor on one side, they are defrosting her pipes with a heater. The neighbors on the other side...well it looks like they may be laying out new piping for his house! If it is that, I'm guessing his burst or something!

We left our water running a little last night and we've had to defrost our pipes before. I've only had them freeze at night before though. I'm not sure, but maybe we should leave it running during the day too now?

I'm sorry for my neighbors, but I'm so relieved nothing happened here! My poor girls are pacing around with all the noise out there. Actually Noodles has her head stuck up in the shades watching them at the moment! Nosy! Just like her meowmie!
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I left our water on last night but Dh turned off the faucet in the kitchen without me knowing it and well when I went to turn it on this AM, it was not running all that well, so I told him he needed to leave it on a little so they don't freeze up.
The bathroom sink and tub work fine( keep your fingers crossed) so far, so I'm going to leave them running until the spring thaw!
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When it gets cold enough to freeze in Mississippi we leave our water run at night, the only time we leave in running during the day is if it is gonna stay real cold that day.
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What plumbers recommend up here in the frozen tundra is either to leave the doors open beneath your sinks (remove hazardous stuff so kitties don't get it) so the pipes are exposed to room temps. or to apply heat tape to the pipes. Our basement is not heated and we bought at Home Depot these foam tubes that have a slit and you can cut and fit them on your pipes for better insulation. The pipes to the kitchen sink are on the north wall of the house but we never have a problem. But nevertheless there are people that are going to have frozen pipes. For the snow birds who winter in FL or AZ for the winter (or NV like my parents did) most people will shut all the water off-drain the pipes, washer, toilets and replace with marine antifreeze.
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I'm not sure what heat tape is, but I know we have a wire around our pipes that is pluged in for the winter time. I think we have some insulation stuff around them too, but the elbow where it comes out of the ground (trailer) is exposed. Whenever they've frozen we aim the space heater at that and about 20 minutes later we're back to normal.

DH said the water company is now farther down the street. He was going to go check out the pipes to be safe, but our water is running fine (running the dishwasher and stuff) so is that really necessary?

*edit* I looked up heat tape so now I know it's that wire I was talking about!
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I have the same problem at my trailer if it gets cold my pipes feeze in an instant! When it does get cold I always leave the water running over night and the last 2 days I left it runnung all day too..... I actually go out there with a blow dryer one time it was so frozen that I had the space heater and the blow dryer going and it still took a good half hour!! now I always remember to turn on the water
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