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Happy Waitangi Day!

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Some of us actually put our location where it asks for location: which makes it nice on days like today and I know we have several members from New Zealand. For those of you who are unaware of what today is, I include a link. I love knowing where our various members are actually from, what their real location is, because this is truly an international site and everybody should be proud of where they are from. Not only that, there are probably members from your home town right here on TheCatSite, but they did not want to give their location for whatever reason. To our New Zealand members, Happy Waitangi Day!!

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One of the thing I like most about this site is it's internationalism, the things people in one country take as completely normal that people in other places have never heard of.
I had a Kiwi friend who had her Mum send Watties to her in the UK because she couldn't get it here and she said our tomato sauce was horrible
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