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Does anyone watch Days of our Lives?

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Just curious. I was home at lunch today, and saw Patch and Kayla on it! Good Lord, they were on it back in the early 90's when I watched it! LOLOL
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Nope! I am an ABC soap girl myself! Of course, I've only been able to keep up on them since I've had tivo!
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I watch ABC too, but I saw Patch and Kayla on a commercial for Days and I couldn't believe it I loved them together!!!
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I mostly watched DOOL in the late 90s when I was in high school. So I don't know who they are.
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I do when I can. I'm not a "serious" soap fan, but will watch both Days of Our Lives and Passions if I'm home and not busy. They've both gotten a big weird lately, but still fun to watch. I haven't been watching long enough to know what on when Kayla and Steve were on before, but I sorta picked up that it was an old story line.
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Patch and Kayla are back? OMG, they were on years ago when I watched it! I loved them! Not enough to start committing to watching it again, though.
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OMG, Patch and Kayla are back? I haven't watched in years, but remember them well. My roommate and I and our friends across the hall sometimes skipped class in college to watch it.
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I watch it And yes they are back on..I don't much care for their storyline though, they are boring to me.
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Nope- i hate soaps.
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Haven't watch DOOL for a long time buts its amazing who is still on the show or coming back!! I always liked Tony DeMara!!
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I haven't watched for a while, but there is a website where you can get updated on the story if you're interested. I used to go there and see what happened when I couldn't watch it. Passions is on the same site too. CAn't remember the name, but you could google it.
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Those people are simply timeless Susie They haven't changed anything on those Soap shows, They all look pretty used up to
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