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Do you use the self checkout line at a store?

I will occasionally if the lines are really long. I've learned that at one of the local stores I can't use it because most of the items will not scan correctly and someone has to help me anyway.

My parents won't use them because they are too complicated and don't see the point since that is why the pay cashiers anyway.
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The only place that has them here is Walmart- and if I'm just running in to get 1 or 2 items, I'll use it because usually the rest of the checkouts are full, but if I get groceries or a lot of stuff, I don't use them, usually it takes too much time.
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I love self-checkouts! I find that I get through them much faster than regular lines...unless the customers in front of me really don't know what they're doing.
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If I have one or two things I'll use them. If I have more than that I'll go through the line.
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No. I hate them. They always say "PLease place item in holding area" We dang it there is only so much rom and if you take it off the holding area it yells at you. Then the cashier has to come and help anyways. They are a waste of time and money IMO.
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Love them! Unless I"m buying beer and will have to wait around to be carded or something.
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I don't like them. The main reason I don't like them is the fact that other people don't seem to understand how to not breathe down your neck when you're using one.

Like, at my Kroger there are four U-Scans, and most people wait between them and then just go to the first one to open up. But somehow, I always get the absolute idiot who comes over and puts his basket basically on top of me while I'm still ringing things up, or stands three inches behind me and sighs, or something ridiculous. Like I'm in their way.

Maybe I'm crazy about personal space, but this doesn't seem to happen as much in a regular checkout aisle. People just seem to be nicer when there is a cashier there. I don't mind people putting their groceries after on the conveyor, it's just the Uscans where it drives me nuts.
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the way I see it is unless they're paying me $7 an hour to work there, why should I? Besides, those computers are taking jobs away from real people. I only go through them if the other lines are packed and I am in a rush and have a only a few things.... And the few times I have gone through them, the darn things start blinking and the light goes off like a police light, and the thing beeps like I stole something! Then I just have to wait for a cashier to come and type in a code!
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I have only used them a couple times, I'd rather stand in line because some of those self checkout things take forever.
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at the freak option
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If I don't have too much stuff I will use them. I always seem to get behind the person who gets totally lost trying to follow the directions!
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I tried it one time and made a complete fool of myself..........

I KNOW, hard to believe huh?
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I use it all the time it's fun!
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I use them, like others, when the lines are long and I only have a few items. Generally though, I end up having to wait for the person who stares at the screen for at least a minute after the voice tells them what to do, figuring out what to do.

I'm not talking normal confusion with the check outs...I'm talking complete inability to pay attention to what they need to do.

Or those people that are trying to get through with a LOT of items. If I know everything won't fit on the scale (that's where the bags are), I go to a regular line.

Should there be an etiquette book for those things? lol
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My question is whats the point of the scale at the end? If I am oging to steal something I am not going to scan it and i am not going to put it on the scale. And around here you have to let someone check your ticket and make sure you didn't "forget to scan something"
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I use them if I have a few items at Stop & Shop or BJs. Since I almost always use a debit card waiting for someone to come over and approve a check isn't a problem. They actually took them out of the K-Mart because too many people were just standing there waiting for a cashier!
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I use them for the most part.

The only time I won't is if I see someone in line with MORE THAN 12 items in their basket. I've seen people go through those lines with a cartful of items. That really ticks me off.

Overall though I do get a kick out of watching the people put try and put their credit card in the cash slot, etc. Basically the people that you know that never touched a cash register in their life.
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We dont have those around here, but I have seen them and used them when I have just a couple things.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I will occasionally if the lines are really long..
that's the only time i'll use it. it doesn't always save time, because you can't multi-scan like the checkers do, & it seems to take a long time to recover between scans. also, i don't like that the bagging area is so small, but when you take stuff out of it, it yells at you
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I work at a grocery store right now. The majority of the time i run the entire floral department- but when they need help i also cahsier. From personal experience- i will say that if you don't have many items- it's better to use the self check out because it keeps the lines from getting too long (that or the express lane with a cashier if you prefer a cashier) But when I buy my groceries i usually have a basket full- so i'll go let my friends check me out / If i'm on by break or i just have 2 or 3 items i'll do the self check out because it's easier for me. Also- i don't find it confusing because i run the U-scan sometimes so if there's a problem i can fix it- but i can definitely see how it gets frusterating for someone who's not quite sure about it. When I run the U-scan (not often- normall i cashier if i'm checking) I always try to make sure my customers know what they are doing and see if they need any help to get them through faster. / I will say though- i HATE the U-scan at walmart. Their machines always mess up at the one that we use and it's just frusterating- man i don't even like a lot of the cashiers at the one by our house- they're just rude and are impolite. When I cashier at my store i'm always polite and make sure the customer found everything they needed and get their groceries bagged like they like....I want happy customers so that they come back to our store. I always check their eggs before i send them out and make sure they're not crushed and always offer to help them out- trying to be kind and go the exta mile for them. But at our wal-mart- many of the cashiers just look miersable and throw our things in the bags. One night Colin and I went there and the cahsier was just mean- she was cursing at another cahsier (it was late at night when we went) and told us she wouldn't check us out because she was closed- well there weren't any other registers open! So we said fine. It's a 24 hr. walmart too...we left our cart there since they weren't any lanes open and they weren't even going to check us out or help us. So the next day we went to my grocery store instead and said forget walmart that time.
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I love them! Although it takes me a bit longer than it does a cashier to scan my items, especially since I have to scan and bag, the line is so much shorter and faster that it more than makes up for it.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
No. I hate them. They always say "PLease place item in holding area" We dang it there is only so much rom and if you take it off the holding area it yells at you. Then the cashier has to come and help anyways. They are a waste of time and money IMO.

Self checkouts frustrate me so bad sometimes, but I use them anyway if I just have a few items and the rest of the lines are long.
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Since we moved 7 months ago we found that our local k-mart has those self checkout things. I think they'd be really good if the bloody cashiers didn't hang around and help you!!! it's called a SELF checkout!!!
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Lowes is the only one here that has it and we do use it whenever we go there. I don't find it complicated and it saves time too!
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I love the self check outs at our local grocery store. I'm pretty anal about packing things the way I want, and it's way quicker, usually.
Except Home Depot where a lot of items don't scan properly.
The ones at our local WalMart were so bad that they took them out!
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I find that even with the occasional error and the need to have an employee assist with it, that the self-checkouts are MUCH faster and easier for me to use.

Plus, I get the added benefit of NOT having to deal with a blank-faced cashier who is having a long and very personal conversation with the bagger, not ONCE looking at me as she/he rings in my items and asks for my payment.

And whatever happened to the smile, the greeting, and the "Thank you, have a nice day!" part of customer service - they don't seem to exist in the stores in MY area anymore!

I would MUCH rather have a machine not look at me. The machines give better customer service, in my jaded opinion. And they thank me for shopping there.

OK - I admit it...I'm a control freak.
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I voted what are self checkouts?

I have never seen one of those.

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Nice try taughting me with that "I'm a freak" selection..I didn't fall for it. Apparently I am not a self checkout freak because I DO use them...so there!!
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I use self checkouts whenever possible. I have found that some stores work better then others.
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I always use them if available because I am fussy about the way my bags are packed, like Ginger's Mom, I don't like dealing with cashiers who are too busy chatting to others (I mean really who puts potatos on top of a loaf of bread - I even put them all on the belt in order for you!)
yeah I am a control freak too!
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