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Cat putting paw up like dog...should I be concerned?

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My cat is EXACTLY doing like the dawg up above. Should I be concerned? he started this a few weeks ago. He's walking fine and everything. Jumpin around.
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No, it's body english, Or she's checking her deoderant ! it's wondering about something. I have a furbaby who comes out after every nap put's his paw up to me as if to shake hands or get my attention, it's just a hello, and I love you. My cats come out after naps and meow at me and I give them a nudge on they're little heads to say hello back. Then they go on their way, or begin bugging me for pets, treats, or interaction. The up-paw is just a trait, not, to worry about. Mike, Medford, ore
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Both of my furbabies do this - especially just before they decide to make a jump forward.

Unless the cat is repeatedly licking the paw they are holding up, I see nothing wrong with it.
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my one cat jd does the same thing...he sorta trained himself. When ever he does it I always go awl poor jd are you lost and he meows(hey if he ever got out for somereason at least someone knows hes a spoiled roten housecat
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Take a good look at that paw if this is a new behavior. One of mine had an injury to her claw (it had gotten caught on something and when she pulled it got twisted sort of sideways) and the first indication i had was her holding that paw up.
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wow. great input guys. I dont think its a problem though but I like the idea of him saying HELLO by it lol. He sure does meow alot though when I talk to him. Is this the same with you guys? its amazing what connection you can have with your cat lol
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Is this a kitten? The paw holding up is a symptom i've seen in fosters that are suffering from the calicivirus. THe virus can cause some inflammation in the joints. If your kitty is older, and has been fully vaccinated then I would check the paw for injuries and if all is clear....you have a kitty that wants to say hello!
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Chessy was doing this for awhile and I asked the vet- he couldn't find any injuries, but he noticed that his paw pad was peeling a little. I have no idea why that happened because he's indoor only and hadn't gotten into anything, but it went away on it's own. So I would just take a close look at his paw to make sure it's okay.
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he's a 8 month old kitten and fully indoor. I'm gonna check his paw but I just realized he does it with both paws. in other words...he switches it up from time to time
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