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New Kitten Help!!!

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I recently added a new cat in my home about 3 weeks ago. He is a lovely black kitten of 3 or 4 months old. I got him at a local feed store and they said someone had droppped him off. So we hit it off the second I saw him.......he can running to me purring and just stared right into my eyes. NOW the big problem. Our first cat is a female and we got her as a stray also. She(Minou) doesnt like him(Morpheus) at all. They fight alomst constantly. I think he wants to play but she doesnt. She is about 3 yrs old. Ive seen him bite her in the neck and hop on her back every chance he gets. She doesnt like to come inside now because of that and stays in the basement. I have a separate room for him where he eats and does his bathroom skills. He tries to eat all her food on her.Sometimes I see them laying together on the bed...then when we come in the room, she slaps him or he jumps on her. When this happens, i try to yell NO!! all the time and it doesnt work. I take him or her away from the situation and put them in separate places. I am out of ideas to try and make them like each other.........maybe they wont ever. I dont want to get rid of MORPH , but if all they do is fight my wife and I wont have any other choice. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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Welcome Anubis.

It sounds like your kitties need a little time to get used to the fact that there is another kitty around. Cats are by nature very territorial, so proper introductions are necessary to make sure no one gets hurt. This is especially true when it is a kitten being introduced to an adult cat.

Here is a thread that gives step by step instructions on the best way to introduce them. It takes some time and patience, but is essential for a happy kitty household. Even though they are already together right now, going through the introduction process should help with their aggression to each other.
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Thanks for the help...i will definely give that a whirll. The funny thing is that the adult cat should be the one doing the beating up on the kitten. Well its the other way around. LOL. I will be in touch here and posting how well the process is going.

Thanks again.
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Here is another link to an article I just wrote about this. The subject comes up a lot on these forums...=)

I'd Like You to Meet.."
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I have separated them for 3 days or so, bringing each ones laying blanket and switching them so they can smell each other. Now, I have let them be together for a while, Morpheus seems more calmer with Minou than before. I even caught them sleeping together in our bed today. She eats with him nearby and he has only once tried to jump at her to play....i think its play...anyhow......ill get back again to update on the progress.

thank you for all your help here at the catsite.
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I'm glad it seems to be working. Cats are mysterious creatures, that's for sure.

Please keep us updated!
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Hi Anubis,

I have the same problem as you, i have a new kitten and a 3yr old cat,
the kitten is playful and tried to run after my other cat, she thinks he is attacking her and runs away. I am stopping him from doing this and am trying the gradual introduction process advised on the forum. At the moment they will eat together but have no contact other than that.Although my older cat does seem slightly more relaxed as time is going on.
I really hope that they will eventually like each other!
Hope you are getting on OK.
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They seem to be getting along a bit better. Morph still grabs at her and tries to play.......but Minou just doenst want to play....so i have to separate them. He is very stubborn, and tries to play with her....i think he even gets jealous when we pay attention to Minou. And when I let Minou outside.....he cries and cries for her. Im not letting him out until i get him neutered. I just hope as time goes by, they can actually get along.
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