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Stranger things have happened..

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Well I haven't been on here in a while, but recently I got my little Felv cat spayed. I was wondering if they go through mood swings like US women go thru, after she got spayed she became very lovey she would follow me everywhere, meow for attention, bite my arms while doing dishes, and most of all ~which she hasn't done since I found her~ she sleeps between me and my husband, every night.. I don't understand it, I figured she would act that way the day she came home from the Humane Society but it is now a two weeks later and she is still that way, I called the Humane Society and asked them if its normal but they couldn't give me an answer, they told me if I had any concerns to call my vet.. and they told me if I was really concerned to bring her in.. but she didn't seem sick or anything she just now sounds like she has to cough up hair balls all the time, I feed her the Iams hairball remedy dry food and regular can food. Sometimes she seems like she is congested every few days and she tries to snort it out of her.. I don't know maybe she is hitting her sick stage of the Felv.. The vet said they don't usually live past 1yr and she is going to be that either this month or next~have no clue, she is a stray of who doesn't know~ well welcome for anyones input of this long story of question.. LOL
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Boy I get more pissed everytime I hear vets telling people these things. Yes some cat only make it that far. HOWEVER, there are FELV and FIV cats who make it into their teens all the time. Dang, if this is your vet now, please find one who knows what they are talking about and does not have that kind of ignorance. Cats are all different. Some are lap cats and some would rather have their eyes poked out than be held. Most cats who are altered really dont change much. I find that personality comes with age. I have kittens who do a turn around at 1 year. So, with all that in mind. The older the cat gets, the better chances of fighting the disease. I would just monitor the health and do as much as you can. You can also ask about stimulating the immune system as well. Keep us updated on the progress.
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Don't give up hope for your cat! My best friend & I adopted an FELV cat ("Kiku") when we were in college. Following one crisis, where she became debydrated & needed vet support, she lived for 10 years.

My incredible veterinarian, plus good nutrition & lots of love, has helped me achieve some serious cat miracles. The most recent was my beloved Eclipse, who passed away in December of 2002, due to a congenital heart condition. Eclipse was almost 14 years old. He lived two years after the condition became bad enough to affect his health. Most cats don't last three months.

My current oldest cat, Noc-Noc, has immune system problems that affected his liver last year. My vet recommended a human vitamin supplement called Sam-E. You can find it over the counter at drugstores, supermarkets & other places. Although no human tests have been done with this vitamin, University of California at Davis, one of the most respected vet colleges in the country, has done extensive testing with cats! And it works!!! Give half a tablet every day (we mix it with moist cat treats rather than stuffing it down his throat). This is a cat who a year ago was seriously ill. He's now fat & sassy. Try it & see if it helps your baby. A warning -- it's very expensive in the drugstores, so try to find it some place like Costco or WalMart, where it will be cheaper.

Don't hold onto false hope, but don't give up either. Good luck with your baby!

Carol, mom to Noc, Li'l Bit, Sheila & Shades
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