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We have snow coming!

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Okay, I know a lot of people are ready for winter to be over, but we've got our first real snow of the season coming and I'm excited! We could get anywhere betwee 3-7 inches by tomorrow morning. It's supposed to start early this afternoon, so a lot of schools are closing early, and our boss just sent an email, that we can leave early too, so this will be me after lunch...
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Of for Pete's sake Eileen, if you want snow, just come on up here! We have tons, but COLLLDD!
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We just got our first snow of the year here a few days ago. It snowed everywhere all around our city but never here. We got about 2 inches! It is still odd to me to see snow being born and raised in Florida, it is very pretty to look at, but it sucks to go out in
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Enjoy Eileen! Snow is so beautiful when it first falls!!
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We're getting snowed on right now. It's not much, but it's definitely better than just eight below and no snow coming down. I hope it doesn't thwart you and go somewhere else, that would be a big bummer!
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Can I just ship you some of ours?
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You are welcome to it!

Was watching the weather last night and the forecast map showed lots of dark blue for your area. We may get a dusting. I hope!
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I would have loved for you guys in the North to have sent us some snow. I've been waiting for this! Gotta have at least one good snow every season, to take a walk in and enjoy being inside, nice and cozy. I don't even mind shoveling. Crazy, I know.
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Well, the "white death" is upon us. Seriously, the way people are driving you'd think they'd had never seen snow before. It started snowing less than two hours ago and is coming down pretty good. The roads are a mess. Took me about 45 minutes to get home (usually takes 15). Now I am going to make some hot chocolate and get cozy with a good book and the kitties.
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EEP! I think it's headed our way!!!
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We're supposed to get some flurries and that's it here. And I am completely fine with that!
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We got about 4 inches this morning, although I see there's a bit more on the way.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Of for Pete's sake Eileen, if you want snow, just come on up here! We have tons, but COLLLDD!
Here too
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Looks like the worst of it is over. On the local news tonight, they said the greater Cincy area got about 6". That's pretty significant for around here. It's really beautiful. I may try to get some pics in the morning, before I decide whether or not to try driving to the office or work from home.
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Embrace it! Love it so well that it doesn't get anywhere near north Texas. Please!
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I like a fresh snowfall. Its the bone chilling weather with only cold ice that never covers anything and the land looks.....dead. that I hate. Snow is a bneautiful thing. Right now facing the cruel realitys of growing up I have a mission, to perserve my inspartion over the little things, a sunset, snow falling, birds eating seed. The best things in life are free I'm descovering and the people who think and act as if nothing in life is free....well those you want to stay away from( In my opinion)
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