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So I went to the doctors yesterday...

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To get a certificate, so i'd get payed because yesterday I couldnt go to work. So I was planning on getting all the paper work started so I could visit an OB-GYN but my doctor was in such a bad mood! She was being so b*tchy and rude, when I started to tell her why I didnt go to work she intererupted me and said 'Dont lie to me, Im not dumb' :censor::censor::censor:??

I couldnt even get it out of my mouth to tell her I am pregnant because of her freakin' attitude. I know she wouldve gotten mad because she'd have to send me to the lab to get a blood test done, wait an hour for the results and fill out all the paper work.

...Now i dont even know when I can get another day off work to go and get that paper work done. Without it I can visit my ob-gyn, and Im already 7 1/2 weeks pregnant!
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that's a shame that you have to get a referral to go to the ob-gyn.
I don't need to do that, but when I need a referral for anything else, I just make the appointment at the specialist I need, and then call the doctors office and ask them to send over the referral. They might ask what the problem is, rash of whatever, but they never tell me I have to see the docotor first. they just send the referral.
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Yep, Puerto Rico is VERY different, I still have not gotten used to many things, including health plans and doctors. Its a pain, my head doctor has to fill out a bunch of paper work, fax it to my health insurance.

Then I can go to the ob-gyn, get an appointment. Then its another big mess because I have to call my health insurance and have them mail over a new card for 'pregnant ladies' lol. I didnt even want to tell her because she was in such a bad mood and I hate when people give me sermons like 'youre too young!' 'why'd you get pregnant again?!?' and I know she can be nosy like that because she knows my mother and thinks of that as an excuse to treat me however she wants!
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Well I hope things start looking up.
I had my first OBGYN appointment the 6th.
My doctor was very nice to both dan and I...she wasnt around much for the whole visit, she had a med student take down my history. That was the only bummer.

Its not very nice for her to be so rude. Just look at the bright side..once your belly starts showing everyone will be nice to you and baby you

I get my first ultrasound this friday, my doctor does them routinely for her patients because she likes to confirm dates and she says most of her patients are never sure of the LMP. heck I know all my dates since October lol..

Hope your morining sickness isnt to bad..Mine is the devil I have it all day and to help i have to eat every 3 hours otherwise I wanna barf. I am becoming a little moo cow
Take care!
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