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Alice is limping now for about a week. Our local vet (not advanced cat expert) was not able to find anything serious - no injuries.

The most advanced vet check will be available only next week. Until ten - what to do? Crate her? Aspirin?

Alice is 2 years old British Shorthair, indoor only cat. Other than limping she is great health condition. Usually she is a great jumper - she likes to jump everywhere and now is really unhappy as she can not get where she would like to.

She is limping on her right front paw, but allows to check it when holded without any pain signs. What we can do now to help her? Any suggestions?

I'm not very good with cat healt problems and our local vet is not very advanced as well (she is great with injuries, open wounds and things like that, more common for pets in rural areas).
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Do not give her asprin! I would try and confine her to one room and get her to another vet to be checked as soon as you can.
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