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I've gone down a size!

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As I have been slowly unpacking my clothes I have realised how many of them I just can't wear any more. So a couple weeks ago I decided to do something about it and put myself on a strict diet. And today, packing to go the UK tomorrow (and a very important lunch on Friday - more later), I discovered that I have gone down a size in clothes. I have lost 7 pounds, so I am really happy. There is a long way to go, but I feel I have made a good start and when I come back I will take it a bit more gently as I don't believe in losing weight too fast.

On Friday I am having lunch with a guy I've never met, but who is a professor of international relations and he has been very kind to me over the last few months suggesting books and angles for the course I have been working on. We have been in touch by email and have also spoken on the phone a few times. When I emailed that I was coming to the UK this week, he suggested we should meet. So I want to look my best. Send some good vibes, please.
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Wow! that's great! Congratulations on your weight loss and best of luck with your meeting
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7 pounds in one week? how did you do it?
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Good job on the weight loss and I hope your "meeting" goes well!!
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That is great! 7 pounds and a size! Congrats!! Keep it up!
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It's been two weeks, Fran, not one. And I cut out all fat and carbohydrates (not good longterm, I know, but OK for a short time) and lived on chicken and fish with masses of fruit and vegetables, also upping my water intake. Of course no sugars or alcohols. I will modify this a lot when I return, but I have kick-started my body into losing weight.
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Weightloss and a lunch date to go with it!

I hope things go really well for you Jenny!
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That's exciting news on both counts - lost weight and lunch date. You go girl!
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Well done Jenny, are you going some nice for lunch?
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that's awesome Jenny!!! (I am squeezing into my size now....)
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You GO girl!

Sending "keep up the good work" vibes - but I'm sure you're going to look great when you meet this guy!

I gained a lot of weight when we quit smoking. I took it off not by changing my diet at all, but by walking. Lots and lots and lots.

Of course, that was several years ago. I'm back up TWO sizes, and need to get at it again.

But I'm so proud of you!

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WTG, Jenny! Congrats on getting the weight loss going, and for your lunch date!
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Big congrats Jenny!!!!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
that's awesome Jenny!!! (I am squeezing into my size now....)

Jenny, let us know how lunch goes
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That is sooo awesome!! Keep up the good work.
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That is so awesome!
Im quite jealous, as I can lose up to 15 lbs and dont need a new clothes size....every time I lose weight it comes off the bust/arms/calves - areas not of issue to me, and areas that dont change your clothing size!!!
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Congratulations, Jenny! Lots of are headed your way.
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Great news! Hope you enjoy your lunch!
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How was lunch?
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It never happened! I forgot to post about it after I got back. The snowy weather intervened and he texted (that past tense feels wrong!) me that the trains from Worcester were all up the spout and many of them were being turned around before getting there. So we took a rain check. Never mind, it's not the end of the world. And I am losing more weight, so I will look better if we ever do meet!
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It must feel great to go down a size!!
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You bet! Although I put a couple pounds on over the weekend, staying with friends, I am losing it again now I am home, and I can still fit into my black suede trousers! I am one of those people who has clothes of every size as I have been at every weight from 120 pounds up to 190. Several times I have got rid of all my 'fat' clothes only to find I am creeping up again and start buying sweaters to be 'loose' which is only an excuse. But this time I must keep it off, if only for the sake of my knees.
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