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Its official...shes a terror!!

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I was actually venting with DH the other day how I was so worried about Samantha, and that I wasnt giving her the socialization she needed because she wouldnt let me get near her. She'd slink around the house, and if anyone so much as look at her she go off running like a crazy lady.

Well just last night she was sitting in my sons room and I sat in the living room to watch her. Ceci came up to me deciding she wanted a scratch, so Samantha also thought it was fine and got a bit closer. Well I got the sparkly wand thing out so she could see Ceci playing (Sammy doesnt/didnt know how to play) and she started playing.

It was awsome. She is a total natural, and so full of energy! She must have jumped 3 feet in the air trying to catch that wand. Then at one point I dropped it and she took it in her mouth and left running with it.

Well after that she got a boost of confidence and opened my cabinets and spilled my tiny garbage can! She ran out of the cabinet and dove into the sink to eat god knows what. No wonder I keep finding white hairs in there!

Now Im wondering though, what the heck were her past owners feeding her? My son dropped a piece of grilled cheese on the floor last night and she gobbled that up like I had just given her a piece of steak! I've never met a cat who will eat just about anything.

So I still havent posted pictures of the crazy girl, but I promise by tommorow I will! Shes absolutely gorgeous!!
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Sounds like she's coming out of her shell!
As for eating anything - you should meet my Pushy. He's worse than some dogs I know!
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