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".....the fly-around white stuff ATE all of our grass!!!!!"

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Awwwwwwwwwwww bless My two love watching it falling as well but they try to catch it from the other side of the glass
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What a pretty winter scene picture
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awwww the poor little pumpkin! Mine won't break away from the heating vents!
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I opened the balcony door for mine to go out yesterday, one touch of that snow was enough to convince them to stay inside.
They do like to sit and watch it fall.
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Beautiful picture!
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I'm sure they don't mind too much as long as you keep the bird feeders filled for their entertainment!
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It takes so little to entertain them, doesn't it?

What a cozy winter scene with her in front of the window...makes me want to put on my Cosby sweater and make myself a hot cup of Sanka!!!!
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awwwww what a sweetheart!!!!
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