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the Daily Thread Tuesday Feb 6

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Morning all!

BRR! 15 here for us this morning, and I hear its a lot worse other places. Stay warm everyone!

Work work work. I need to play the lottery.

How about a cool holiday??? Party on, mon!

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Brrrrr hand that coffee over, it's freezing over here

It's sunny but it was all frosty this morning and theres snow forecast this week

I'm going grocery shopping tonight, then i'm jumping straight into a hot bath to thaw out before settling down with the babies
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Good morning

It's a much warmer -13C (windchill -23C) this morning but were supposed to hit a high of -11 now we just need the wind to die down a little bit.

I'll be off to work this afternoon, but for this morning I'm just going to stay in where it's warm with a nice cup of tea

Have a great day everyone!!
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OMG It is freaking freeeeeeezing here again I can't handle it much longer, I am about to put long johns on under my work slacks

Well, nothing going on here today other than freezing my butt off

I hope you all have a great day
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Good morning! Lee caused me to slide into work a tad late. I don't think anyone noticed! He worked late last night so Ihad to wait around for him... FOR THREE HOURS!! There is nothing to do where he works. No places to eat or shop or just hang out. They really need to fix that!

But anyways! Hopefully today will be normal.
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Firefox says it's mostly cloudy (not really...) 84F. Humid as heck!

Had a litter of kittens today from my mom's cat! Came out 5, unfortunately only 3 are left The mom cat will be spayed in 6 weeks !!! And the kittens will get speutered in 3 months!

Otherwise, same old, same old.

Have a good day everyone!
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Morning all!

I got woken up one of the worst ways possible, a cat fight. So I've been up since 6:30 and they've been going at it on and off since then. Noone was hurt though, just growling and hisses, swats, posturing and some chasing. Boy will I be glad when this house settles down!
Then when I FINALLY settle everything down here and TRY to go back to bed, honey is snoring so darn loudly I can't get back to sleep, so here I am, waiting for him to get up for work so I can go back to bed.

It's 0 here and I can only Imagine what the wind chill is. Although it IS snowing lightly. I've already turned on one heater, might have to turn on another one yet today.
Oh goody, honey's up. I'm off to bed again!

Have a great chilly day mon!!! (Bob Marley is one of my friends favorite singers!)
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Its going to be another sunny but cold (-14F -26 windchill) right now. Lots of schools have 2 hr delays due to cold. I didn't think it felt was bad as yesterday though.
Have a few errands to run then finally getting haircut!!!! I need a color touch too but will have that at a different time as my SIL is having surgery again the same time as haircut and I will be about an hour away from hospital.
Just trying keep positive about that.
Have a warm day!!! Only 44 days until spring!!
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Overnight lows in the teens. It's a heat wave!!!!
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Warm and sunny, near 75 today. My state tax refund showed up in my bank account - now I can buy that pack of gum, that I've been saving up for
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Good Morning everyone, once again rubbing sun all over you guys It was 89 here yesterday and Mid 70s the rest of the week.
Hubby will be leaving on Thursday for the UK so he will be packin tomorrow I figure 21 years in the Navy at least he knows how to do that better then me Have A Great Day where you all are and be safe in the SNOW
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Still cold in Edmonton, high of -16C today. Its the gray cloudiness that puts me in a bad mood though...I envy all of you with sun sun sun!!!
JP Collip Club dinner at the Faculty Club tonight: Thats when they get a selected speaker from the Fac. of Medicine/Dentistry to give an "interesting" discussion while everyone has a $10 full prime rib dinner. Definately worth it!!!
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