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Cat Doesn't use her litter box. Need help!!

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Hello my name is Norman and i have owned my cat for about 4 months. I took her in when my friends Neighbors moved and left there cat behind. I am not sure how old she is the vet said proly around 2 or 3. At first my parents didnt want the cat at all then, they started to say it stays outside. As time went by they gradually feel for it and said u can keep her in the garage. Now 4 months have passed and now my cat is aloud inside. Right now my cat is an indoor outdoor cat. I want to make her a permanent Indoor though she is soo use to going outside. I bought her a regular open litter box at wal-mart and fresh step cat litter. i placed it in the garage since this is where she eats and sleeps i put one of those big litter bags then filled it up a little more then half way. its been a week and she hasnt used to at all. For the past 4 months she would use the dirt outside as her bathroom and still does. what can tips would u guys reccomend i try??
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Hi Norman!

The first thing I would suggest is to make sure that the litter tray isn't too close to the food and water dishes. Cats don't like to use the washroom too close to where they eat.

It may take an adjustment period for her to get used to where the litterbox is, and if she is going outside the dirt is more appealing right now.

Just be sure to show her where the box is, and hopefully with less and less time outdoors she gets the picture.
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Put dirt on top of the litter and see if it works

Welcome to tcs btw
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I was also going to suggest you add a little dirt to the top of the litter so she gets the idea that this is a "bathroom".
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Thanks everyone for the replys i will try placing it some where away from her food and water and placing dirt on top of it i will update when progress happens. thanks!!
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Thank you for working on keeping your kitty indoors! Welcome to TCS! I think over time your kitty will get used to using the litter box. Be patient.
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i know this has nothing too do with the topic i posted but i was wondering what breed is my cat i will try to post pictures im soo new to the cat world im such a newbie. B4 i post pic i will describe her shes medium length coat black and white like a tuxedo cat thats not a bredd is it tuxedo cat haha.
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