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What Color Is He?

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I just wanted to ask if by chance can anyone tell me whether my Jasper is a chocolate or seal bi-color? I have been real curious and I can not tell myself.

These pictures were taken the day that I brought him home from the rescue in June.

These were all taken this week. He has darkened up a lot since I brought him home, so from some of the pictures that I have seen I believe he may be a seal point.

I just love his skunk stripe.
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I am no expert when it comes to colors or breeds so you'll have to wait until someone else sees this. I just wanted to say that he is beautiful.
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Most definently a seal point Was iffy as a baby, but if that's him as an adult - its seal
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What a pretty kitty!!
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What a beautiful cat ! I love his coloring.
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I would say seal also, and if that's a Ragdoll he sure doesn't have the fur like one. I know because I have a Ragdoll.
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Thank you so much for the compliments, and letting me know his color. I had always wanted a cat with his markings and when I found him at the rescue I just could not resist him.
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Originally Posted by MyFirstRagdoll View Post
I would say seal also, and if that's a Ragdoll he sure doesn't have the fur like one. I know because I have a Ragdoll.
I have no idea what mix he maybe. Someone dumped his litter off at the local vet when they were just a few weeks old and they all looked like him. I have always been curious though of what he could be mixed with. He is a very big boy and at 10 months he is a bit taller than my other cat. When does a cat reach their full size?
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I know that some breeds such as Maine Coon, etc. don't fully mature until age 4 or 5 but I don't know about a kitty like yours. Just wanted to say he is very beautiful!
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He looks like a raggie mix to me.. ragdolls muture between 3 and 4. Ragdolls cat weigh as much as 30 pounds, mine is 2 and his weight is 26 pounds.
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That looks like a Snowshoe! That is a beautiful breed. Most likely a snowshoe mix since you don't know anything about his background.

Check out these pictures for comparison:
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Looking at the picture - will agree with Snowshoe mix rather then Ragdoll mix - how silky/soft is the fur?

Weird thing is that the baby pics show semi-longhair; while the adult is shorthair - so it COULD be a raggy mix.
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Wow! What a handsome boy.
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Wow. He is just beautiful!
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He is gorgeous, and definitely, a bi-color seal-point.

but more of a Snowshoe then a Ragdoll mix.
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