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Advantage age ?

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Does anyone know how long a unopened tube can be kept before it goes bad? its been at room temp and I just found it. I used the last of the batch I just bought so guess its about year old. new kits have fleas but not to bad-could just order more and wait a few days as they arent to uncomfortable. Thanks
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as long as it is still sealed you should be safe using.
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There is an expiration date printed on the crimp of the tube. You can safely go by that.

If it is expired the worst case scenario is it won't work, so there is no harm in trying it if you're not sure of the expiration date.
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Odd, I can't find anything for the shelf life or storage of Imidacloprid. I did however find it's half life for water and soil, not that that helps any.
It's a widely used pesticide so I'm sure exact shelf life in a close container is listed somewhere, I'm just not using the right search terms it seems.
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try this link ... If I am reading right lmao... it is under 6.3
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Oh sweet Sharky...You guys just saved me some money Semiferal-I use large dog advantage ordered through drsfostersmith maybe thats why I don't see a exp date. It smells normal but a bit less strong so I am going to puta bit on my strongest cat and see...I think I can get away treating just a few and the others should benefit(I used to do that when I had my old cats(RB now) cause I didnt want to use it on 15 yo. Well I am happy
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