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Hello all,

Much to my chagrin, I went away this weekend, and completely forgot to tape Firefly and John Doe. Did anyone see Firefly and can you give me your take on it? I know it had something to do with a transport ship, and these mysterious Reavers, but do we know who or what the Reavers are? And did anything happen with the blue hand men, and did we learn anything new? I just want to be kept up. Anything you have I will gladly take. Thanks all .
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I don't know how much help I will be since I didn't see the first episode, but I can tell you about the 2nd.

The crew found an abandoned transport ship, so they attached and boarded to see what they could find. They did find one "survivor" in the ship, who had apparently witnessed the Reavers decimating all of the families on board. Just as they were getting all the booty off the other ship, the Alliance ordered them to dock and be inspected. As the crew was being interviewed, we learned that the "survivor" had mutilated himself and was basically becoming a Reaver himself. The Reaver escaped and went back into the Serendipity (that's the name of the ship, right?), where he took out a few of the Alliance guards before the Captain killed him, saving the life of the Alliance commander who was going to arrest him and the crew and impound the ship. So the crew was let go with Serendipity, but without the booty from the other ship.

So that was the show in a nutshell. Don't know if that helps or not, but that's what I recall anyway.
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Thanks valanhb.

That helped a lot .
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