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Favorite Albums? (CDs now)

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I haven't seen this thread yet, although I'm sure it's been done before. The Prince thread kind of stirred up my mind.

A few of my favorites are pretty old, classic rock, I guess. I classify it as a favorite if it's still one I get out and play every now and then.

I have a couple Cat Stevens that I'll never retire...Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat.

Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection. (and Yellow Brick Road)

Piano Man by Billie Joel.

Asylum Choir II, Leon Russell. (I have no clue why I like this.)

On occasion I pull out some Journey, John Prine, Beatles or Eagles. I like alot of newer artists too, but I'm not sure I'll be listening to those cds in 20 years.
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Both Libertines albums (The Libertines, and Up The Bracket)

In Utero by Nirvana

Sgt Pepper by the Beatles

Elephant by the White Stripes

The Queen Is Dead, by the Smiths

Down In Albion, by Babyshambles

Led Zepplin's first album

and a ton more...
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My favorite vinyl has to be "That will be the day- Buddy Holly"

on Cd it has to be Evanessance (1st album) I can't remember the name cuz it's in my car
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Hmmm, I think Tori Amos - To Venus and Back
and Nirvana - Nevermind
Radiohead - OK Computer
the kinds of albums you can listen through and like every song.
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Radiohead - Ok Computer is my top choice, without hesitation.

Other ones, it depends on my mood. Right now I like

Elton John - Madman Accross the Water

Radiohead - The Bends / Hail to the Thief

Daniel Belanger - Quatre saisons dans le desordre (which no one outside of Quebec would know)

I have also become a big Beatles fan, but I don't own any full album yet (only a best of and some random mp3s)

In the past I've also had as among my favorites:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Bjork - Homogenic

And some that I probably forgot.
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Any and all of Dishwalla's cds...but my fav of theirs is ''Opaline'' ...every song in it...a masterpiece!

Hilda >^..^<
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I love anything for 60's to early 90's...but have to say 80's is my favorite decade.
As far a cds I like Simon and Garfunkel (Bridge over troubled water), Genesis, Phil Collins, ABBA, Josh Groban, and I'm sure there are more I can't think of...
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Pink Floyd-The Wall
The Police-Synchronicity
The Beatles-Sgt Pepper
Sting-Dream of the Blue Turtles
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Pink Floyd -Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Pink Floyd - Animals
The Beatles - Abby Road
Reverend Horton Heat - Space Heater
Primus - Miscelaneous Debris
Metalica -$5.98 EP Garage Days Re-revisted
Kansas - Leftoverture
Boston - Third Stage
AC/DC -anything from the Bon Scott years

A few punk bands I can't mention due to language in the band name/album name.

Anything Glenn Miller
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Any album by Styx
Kelly Alli - Psychic Cat
Lilly Allen - Alright Still
Eagles of Death Metal - both albums
Quitron and Miss Pussycat - both albums
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Carole King's "Tapestry". Over the past 35 years, I have worn out several vinyl LPs, 8-track tapes and cassettes. I now have it on CD and it never leaves my stereo.
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Originally Posted by okeefecl View Post
The Police-Synchronicity
Sting-Dream of the Blue Turtles
two great albums gosh, I haven't heard Dream of the Blue Turtles in years...
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#1 without a doubt is

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

Then, there's a bunch more:

Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel
Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline
Nine Inch Nails - actually, just about anything. Except The Fragile - I just couldn't get into that one.
Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - Dream Home Heartache
Antrax - Only
Antrax - Attack of the Killer B's
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Motley Crue - S/T

I know there's some country in there too, but I can't think of any right now.

Yes, I know most haven't heard of some of those bands. Yes, I know that my favorites are sometimes the ones that the critics and many fans hated. Oh well.
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I keep reading these and saying...."Oh yeah, that was a good one!"

DH would say The Wall.

I really liked Madman Across the Water, Leftoverture and Bridge Over Troubled Water too.

My favorite Tori Amos song...Spark... is on Choirgirl Hotel, valanhb.

It's hard to pick a favorite Beatles cd. Rubber Soul, Abby Road and the White Album pop into my brain pretty quickly though.
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the one that came to mind, at first thought,

Pink Floyd-The Wall,dark side of the moon.
The Beatles-Sgt Pepper
stevie ray vaughan- live alive
talking heads- stop making sense.
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Without a doubt:

Anything that involves rock/alternative/punk rock but these are my favorites:

Eagle Eye Cherry- Indecision
Celine Dion- All the Way- a Decade of Song
Mazzy Star- So Tonight that I Might See
Tina Dico- In the Red
Green Day- Dookie
The Beatles- Abby Road
Nirvana- not a song that they came up with that i don't like- i love them all!
Oasys- anything by them!
Aerosmith- ALL of their songs!!!! list goes on and on and on- i was a music industry major for a long time so i am really into my music and very acclectic....
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I love classic hard rock and metal
but mostly hard rock

some favorite bands/albums

Deep Purple - In Rock, Who Do We Think We Are, Burn, Perfect Strangers
Rainbow - Rising, Long Live Rock'n'Roll, Difficult to Cure, Straight Between The Eyes
Whitesnake - Trouble, Love Hunter
Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties, Agents of Fortune
Journey - Frontiers
Jorn - The Duke

all Glenn Hughes albums + anything he's done guest vocal on ... it's a long list
anything by Savatage/Jon Oliva

There's quite a few more, but these are the ones I always come back to.
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