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Post Spay Care

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Hey! I just got two of my cats spayed.. (the boys go in in a couple weeks) and i'm wondering how long before they can clean the incision as much as they like? There aren't any stitches, (glue??) so they won't be seeing the vet again (knock on wood) unless something gets infected. I just feel bad leaving them with the awful cones on, especially now that the boys are back home.

Also, is there anything i can do for cleaning the wound? I know none of the vet-sites mention it, but can i scrub it with an iodine mixture or anything?

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I'm surprised your vet didnt go over everything before you took them home.

Some licking is normal and if they're not being obsessive about it, you probaby dont need the cones. If you take the cones off and they are constantly licking I would of course put the cones back on .. for at least a couple of days.

You shouldnt have to clean the wound
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I got them done through save-a-pet (im a college student, they're rescues. and theres 4 of em) so i haven't talked to my vet.. although he is the one that did them.

I know i shouldnt HAVE to clean the wounds... but.. idk. I'm used ot horses, where you clean sutures n what not daily etc etc. And mama cat has chewed/licked hers a bit much so it has a v. small open spot now (this is why they're wearing the cones) .... so .... yea..

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Oh.. well if they are messing with them then yeah I'd keep the cones on.
For cats though you shouldnt have to worry about cleaning the wounds unless it starts dripping out gunk or something.. but that shouldnt happen if it was done correctly and unless it becomes infected, in which case you would need antibiotics.
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I wouldn't worry about cleaning the wound. I have never had to do that. Like mentioned above, a little licking is alright but not excessive. The wound is probably glued shut and stitched with dissolvables on the inside. So if the cat manages to get the glue unstuck, it can't easily get to the stitches. I would keep the cone on the one who is licking a lot but I wouldn't worry about the others unless they are doing the same thing.
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I would keep them from licking at least 10-14 days to be on the safe side.
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