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What are your best personal tricks? A great one to fool anyone!!

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I can freak people out with my double-jointed thumb. It bends backwards completely in half. I never met anyone with a thumb like mine until two other professional musicians, also pianists, and I were showing off silly things we can do. I thought they'd marvel at my thumb, or at least say, "OOOOO, yuck!" but they showed me their double - jointed thumbs also! I can also hum and whistle at the same time and fold my hands behind my back (like the Praying Hands).

What silly trick can you do? There's a great "trick" you can use on adults or children, Have them fold their hands with their fingers curled down. Ask them to put their index fingers straight up. Tell them,
"Don't help me and don't fight me." Then use both your hands, one on each side of each index finger. Make screwing motions with your fingers, and say over and over, "I'm screwing your fingers together; I'm screwing your fingers together." Keep saying it until their fingers are together. If it doesn't happen gradually and start immediately, they're cheating; they're fighting you. This trick has a logical reason to work. Try it; if you can't figure it out, I'll tell you later. Just post.
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I'm also flexible-I used to work next to a lab that did research into cartilage disorders. I was officially diagnosed by the Research Fellow there as being hyperextensible. My knees and elbows bend backwards-it freaks people out when I stand with my knees like that and I don't bowl well because I can't control the ball. My right thumb also "belly dances"-I can bend the lowest joint quickly back and forth without moving any other joint.
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I can pop, pretty much every bone in my body...
The neck and back really freak people out!! ITS loud!

I can touch my nose with my tounge
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Lheezzza, Can you curl your tongue? I can, but I think only 40% of the population can, fewer men than women. I think it's 80% women and 20% men, or something?

Okeefeci, My doctor says it's a syndrome. It often involves not scarring well, but my scars are "clean." My daughter got a keloid from a pimple though, so maybe she inherited that part. I bend the top joint, the one with the nail, backwards to a 90% angle; is that what you can do? I have a nephew who can bend his fingers backwards to his wrist.

Come on, folks. Try screwing your children's fingers together. They'll think you're a great magician!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Lheezzza, Can you curl your tongue? I can, but I think only 40% of the population can, fewer men than women. I think it's 80% women and 20% men, or something?
Yup sure can - funky looking!!
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I have found that people who can curl their tongue can't wink and visa versa.
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I can! I can raise one eyebrow like Mr. Spock, too. I know; I must be strange.
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Hey flimflam,
I can wink AND curl my tongue...
I can also wiggle my ears and raise one of my eyebrows. :tounge2:
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I can wink and curl my tongue, too. The ability to curl one's tongue is dependent upon having a specific gene.
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Nick can look stright ahead with his right eye.... while looking to the left/right with his other eye.. (vice versa)

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I can curl my tongue, and yup it's genetic. Dad, my sister and I can do it, but Mom couldn't.

Most of the "tricks" I know are college drinking party tricks. I can tie a cigarette in a knot, and bend one in half - both without breaking the cigarette.

The best one, and this really works good on drunk people, is making a duck call out of the cellophane wrapper from a cigarette pack. (Told ya - college party tricks!) You take the wrapper off, and very carefully burn holes in it - one on each of the skinny long sides, three in a triangular pattern on the bottom. The whole time, you go on about how this really works, it's amazing. OK, for the demonstration - Are you ready? - put it up to your mouth and shout QUACK QUACK QUACK! :laughing: If you do it right, people will be hanging on your every word, watching your every move, and you can scare the heck out of them!
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Yup, can curl my tongue, wink, move one eyebrow at a time, and move one eye at a time, and can wiggle my ears.

Also try this, hold your hand up in front of your face - fingers closed together, now, try and bend your little finger down without moving any of your other fingers.... hard eh?? But I can do it!! Both hands too!! :laughing:
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I can move both my ears !!!! One at a time , or both at the same time !! They move at least one cm ...!!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :LOL:
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Ear wiggling! Move one eye a different direction! Always amazes me. Well, this isn't really a trick; it's just being limber, but I can touch my foot to my head, and if I really stretch, can put it on top.
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Oh you guys! I'm going from amazement to eeeeewww and back to amazement!!

The only thing I can do is (on both hands)is make a V with the index and middle finger together, a gap and then the ring and little finger together. The little finger musn't wander. LOL Is that the Star Trek 'hello'???

Jeanie, I love that index finger trick. I tried it myself, just folding my hands and if I didn't watch my index fingers closely and fight it, they'd come together. What's the reason???
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The secret of the trick is that your fingers will automatically come together. It's the way you're made! But people don't know that, and when you do it to a child or another adult, they would swear they can "feel" the power of suggestion when they hear you say you're screwing their fingers together and hear you saying it over and over. It fools everyone. They can actually feel it! So could you if you were in their position. Get someone to do it to you. Better yet, do it to a teenager; their mouths drop open! Little children assume magic is real, but it's fun for them too.
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Like this!
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Just a wee bit more, bairn! I meant to say that it's seeing you make the motion combined with hearing the words work together to make the illusion work.
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I am adept at the Vulcan greeting, too. I can, also, raise just my left eyebrow. I've had a crush on Leonard Nimoy, since I was ten! If I couldn't have Mr. Spock, I could emulate him!:martian:
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My best trick is purse, the car seat, the diaper bag....:laughing2 (sorry I couldn't resist)
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Debby, You're a baaaaaaaaaaad girl! I know that juggling trick actually, and it's not easy!
Cindy, I'm with you! I love Leonard Nimoy, in any role, but especially as Mr. Spock! He did a lot of Shakespeare, as I'm sure you know.
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Let's see............

I can pop my jaw out of place thanks to TMJ.

I can pop the ball and socket joint of my left hip and left shoulder on purpose and I have a problem with my left knee dislocating. The knee is very painfull but the others aren't. Wierd that it's all on my left side

I can roll my tounge; I believe it's only a small percentage who can't. In my college biology class we had done a genetics lab and only 2 or 3 people in the class couldn't roll their tongue.

I can put my leg behind my head.
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Originally posted by sfell
I can put my leg behind my head.
LOL, bet you were popular with the boys!
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My thumb "belly-dances" too! I can bend it forward all the way down to my wrist, but not backward. I guess that means my wrist isn't double-jointed, but my thumb is. I had to stop playing piano as a kid because I couldn't control it, and it would plunk down on the keys!

I can also curl my tounge, but I can't raise one eye-brow and not the other. My grandfather could wiggle his ears, and I always thought that was so cool. :tounge2:
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