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Finally feeling better!

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I knew I should have gotten my flu shot this year.. but I have a huge phobia of needles and refused to get it.

It started Friday night with a headache, I just went to bed early. Saturday was an adoption day at the rescue and I was planning on being there all day. I made it from about 8:30-11 before I called my mum to see if she could come get me.

I stayed in bed all day Saturday and felt a bit better by Sunday morning. Other than the fact that I was coughing my lungs up.
I went to the rescue that morning to help with the clean, and only one other lady showed up so it took us 5 hours. By the time I had to walk home U had a migrane and my throat felt like someone took a knife to it from coughing so much.
By Sunday night at about 7pm or so I was curled up on the couch with Mia under a warm blanket. I had complained that I was freezing, so my sister brought me the thermometer to take my temp. it was 104.
an hour or two later it went up to 105.5, and thats when I was forced to take a short walk down the street to see if the cold would bring it down.
it didm but by the time I went to bed and wrapped back up again, it went back to 104.
this morning I felt even worse, and was debating going into the ER to see if they could give me something. But after a couple hours sleep and a few Advil Cold and Sinus, I feel a bit better. I haven't eaten since Saturday at dinner.. but I don't feel hungry, and I'm afraid if I eat that I'll throw up, even though I only felt nauseous on Saturday.

But my temp has gone down to 101.5 and I feel a whole lot better than I have the past few days.

Didn't even go to the rescue this morning, that doesn't happen often.

So next year, I think i'll get my flu shot, regardless of my phobia.
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Glad your fleeing better.
lol but everytime i have have gotten the flu shot, i have gotten the flu, so i dont get them anymore and have not had the flu in years.
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Glad to hear that you are feeling better
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You poor thing! A temp of 105.5 and you were out walking the streets? I know it's too late now, but please don't do that again! At least you're feeling better now. Doesn't sound like the flu, tho; sounds more like a virus of some sort.
I get a flu shot every year (I have to, according to the dr., because I have asthma); every couple of years I still manage to come down with the flu somehow. Still, there's no way I'd skip the shot.

Feel better!
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